Mellerina Ferguson


Hometown: Warren, OH

Pre-Med Biomedical Humanities and Communications Double Major
Minoring in Biology and Chemistry

“Hiram has professors who know who you are and care about you—that’s what I love most,” says Mellreanna Ferguson ’23, who realized that Hiram was unique and decided to choose to attend the college after needing a fresh start. “The campus was so peaceful when my family and I did a tour, so it made me feel like I was at home.”

Ferguson appreciates the student clubs and one-on-one teaching at Hiram. She has involved herself in numerous campus organizations, including President of Relay for Life, Treasurer for Medicus, Student Senate Senator of the School of Health and Medical Humanities, just to name a few. She also works on campus in the library. She says, “I am involved in so many campus organizations and I learned something from each one.” Over the years, Ferguson says Hiram has helped her out of her shell. As a first-year student, she was uneasy to put herself out there. “I’m most proud of standing up for what I believe is right because as a freshman, I didn’t do that. I would always let people walk over me but not anymore,” she says.

Never did Ferguson think Chemistry would be one of her favorite classes, but Inorganic Chemistry has made the list! She has enjoyed Dr. Brian Knettle’s teachings, as he keeps his students engaged with his humor and the class is exciting when Ferguson has the opportunity to conduct experiments.

Ferguson is a cancer survivor and has dreamed of becoming a cardiothoracic surgeon. She will attend Northeast Ohio Medical University to continue her education after graduation.