Marciano McCowan

Marciano McCowan ‘25

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Criminal Justice Major

Marciano McCowan, a student hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is pursuing a major in criminal justice, with minors in communication and sociology. He chose Hiram for its dedicated faculty and staff like Dr. Fiala and Coach Dupree who recruited him for football. Marciano now participates in track and field and is a member of the Alpha Society honors society.  

With a clear career path in mind since middle school, Marciano aims to become a state police officer before transitioning to intelligence work with agencies like the FBI. He values personal goals such as being a good husband and father. Reflecting on his Hiram experience, Marciano appreciates the supportive professors and the lasting friendships he’s made. 

Marciano says his favorite experiences at Hiram have been, “meeting life-long friends and also how understanding and helpful professor’s have been.”

Describing the college culture as helpful, accepting, and caring, Marciano advises prospective students to embrace the journey of self-discovery in college and to stay organized with their studies. He emphasizes the importance of maintaining open communication with professors. 

Overall, Marciano’s story highlights the supportive environment and transformative experiences at Hiram College, shaping students like him for their future endeavors. 

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