Malaki Nation


Hometown: San Diego, CA

Performing Arts Major

Malakai Nation ’25 decided to study at Hiram College after learning about the well-known sports program, and traveled from California to attend school. “It’s been a unique experience, definitely an environmental and cultural change,” he says. “I enjoyed the snow for a week and then, it got out of hand for me when it snowed for a month straight.”

Nation has been playing football for as long as he can remember, and currently plays the free safety position for Hiram’s Men’s Football team. “I enjoy the bond everyone builds and watching my teammates grow on and off the field,” says Nation. Along with his love of sports, Nation is passionate about his creativity and is pursuing a degree in performing arts. His plan is to go pro, but his second career choice is to become a director in theater. “I enjoy being able to freely express my creativity and make film or art. Performing arts is something that caught my interest as a kid, and when I found that Hiram offered it as a major, I knew I needed to pursue it,” says Nation. “My professors have been helpful in directing me with what classes I need to take in order to graduate.”

School hasn’t always been easy for Nation, but he is grateful for the time and effort his professors have shown him here at Hiram. “I’m proud I didn’t fold and drop out after a few tough encounters in High School. I’ve changed my mindset on how to operate in general,” he says. Nation encourages students to not be too independent and that it is important to ask for help from professors, peers, coaches, or even family.