Madigan Nolan

madigan nolan ’26

Hometown: Champion, OH

Biomedical Humanities Major, Creative Writing Minor

Madigan Nolan is a junior biomedical humanities and creative writing major who loves everything about her Hiram experience so far. 

“I came to Hiram because I loved the community, I felt like family my first visit here. I also really enjoyed Hiram’s small class sizes, and they offered unique educational opportunities. Hiram is one of the only colleges I’ve been to that offers Biomedical Humanities as a major and it fits what I wanted to study perfectly. The professors here are awesome and I love being in an environment where everyone wants you to succeed,” Madigan said. 

In an effort to share her love of Hiram with others, Madigan works as a resident assistant and as a tour guide in the Hiram Admission Office. She also works at a pharmacy in her hometown in her free time. Madigan is also a member of the women’s lacrosse club and a team member of the men’s lacrosse team. Madigan has loved learning a new sport and being able to balance it with her academics. 

Speaking of academics, Madigan enjoys taking classes that showcase healthcare in unique perspectives. “My favorite class at Hiram so far has been Feminist of Color Perspectives because it has contributed the most at helping me grow as a person. This class has no grades, so it helped me grow at my own pace in a stress-free environment. The professor was accommodating to all students while creating and engaging learning environment,” she said. 

Madigan’s advice for prospective students: “I would really take advantage of all of the opportunities, events, and clubs at Hiram. Hiram works really hard to create a community based environment and making friends will come easy if you leave your room and have some fun!”