Lyndsey Johns

Lyndsey Johns ‘23

Hometown: Garrettsville, OH

Marketing and Accounting & Financial Management Double Major

When Lyndsey began her first week at Hiram College, she knew she was in the right place. “There was a Student Senate beach party my freshman year,” she says. “The event took place when all students had just returned to campus. I was able to meet many new friends that eased the transition of starting my journey at Hiram.”

Lyndsey has continued those connections and made many more during her time as a student. In the classroom, she enjoys courses where she can work closely with other students. “In my Organizational Behavior course, we formed teams and explored the content by talking to real business professionals in the Northeast Ohio region and beyond,” she says. “We were able to see why the class was important to our future careers.”

Lyndsey knows that, even after she graduates and continues her education in graduate school, she’ll have support from the connections she made, even after she graduates. “The community provides help and direction with whatever you need. Hiram is a place where students can be themselves and be accepted and celebrated for who they are and for the path they choose.”