Lorna Metzger

Lorna Metzger ‘25

Hometown: Middletown, OH

Creative Writing Major

Lorna Metzger, a student at Hiram College from Middletown, Ohio, chose Hiram for its close community and incredible creative writing program. Dissatisfied with the nature of larger universities, she found the support and personalized attention she craved, at Hiram. She sought a place where she could be known as an individual, not just a number. 

“I knew I wanted a school where I could major in writing rather than it be a minor or concentration. I also wanted small class sizes because it was really important to me that I had a community of writers and professors I knew well,” Lorna said. 

Currently engaged in Writers in Residence and Stone Soup Co-op, Lorna’s interests extend beyond academics. She enjoys crafting, hiking, camping, knitting and cooking. Her career aspirations lie in children’s educational entertainment, spanning TV, theater, and books, reflecting her passion for non-traditional education. Lorna also co-hosts Hiram’s Terrier Talks podcast! 

As a creative writing major, Lorna is always taking engaging and interesting courses, her favorite has been symbolic logic. 

“I took Symbolic Logic with Professor Anderson and had a wonderful time. It was so different from my classes as a writing student and allowed me to use my brain in a new way. The textbook was actually written very well and there was a special program for me to do the homework on that I kept on a flash drive. I had two friends in the class and we made it a habit to spend a few hours everyday doing the homework alongside each other. It felt great to learn something so new that I wouldn’t have had room for in the 12 week. Honorable mentions to both Puppetry 101 and Children’s Literature as they solidified my love for all things writing and entertainment,” Lorna said. 

Lorna cherishes the sense of community at Hiram and the freedom to explore her diverse interests. She advises prospective students to seek out their passions while mindful of their actions in the small yet vibrant community of Hiram College. 

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