Lina Ross

Lina Ross ’26

Hometown: Mentor, OH

English Major; Film Studies and Gender Studies Minor

Lina Ross ’26 is a passionate environmentalist and has interests in social equity and comprehensive sex education. She has three cats and loves nature, yoga, tea, books, soft blankets, sweet potatoes, movie theaters, and postcards. Currently, she works in the Office of Strategic Marketing and Media Relations as a social media ambassador and at the James H. Barrow Biological Field Station in animal care. Additionally, Ross is involved with the Environmental Appreciation Club (EAC) and the Sustainable Development Committee. “I like to go to all the cool events on campus hosted by other clubs too,” said Ross.

Ross was drawn to Hiram College for its personal and inviting nature. She said, “It was way less overwhelming. My tour was fantastic and everything hit the mark on what I was looking for in a school, and more.” Ross is a visual learner and prefers writing things down and having a visual aid in addition to what she is listening to. She loved taking her Animals and Ethics class with Professor Anderson and says that the class “matched her weird, niche interest in food and animal ethics.”

College was something both Ross and her father wanted for her. After graduating high school, there was a level of uncertainty about what came next. “Hiram has definitely given me some excellent ideas as to how I can utilize my degree in the next step forward in my career.” In addition to taking the leap in coming to college, Ross can look back on her time as a first-year student proudly. “ I am proud that I have overcome the social difficulties of coming to college as a freshman. I shared a room with someone new, I talked to new people, I left home, and I explored new opportunities.”

Lina’s advice for prospective students:

“My advice would be to pay attention to specific rules and dates that are part of being a Hiram student. Make sure you know when the deadline is to drop a class. Learn the parking rules on your street. Ask an upperclassman what they think about a professor. Check to see if it’s at the library. There are a lot of little things to learn that will make your transition easier. Also, FaceTime home if you miss it. Set a certain time of day every day to chat with your mom/dad/grandpa/cat/partner/sibling that works for both of you. This will help you feel more comfortable in your new surroundings and can help with homesickness.”