Ladhavion Duncan

LaDhavion Duncan ’23

Hometown: Akron, OH

Biomedical Humanities Major

Spreading kindness and helping others is what LaDhavion Duncan ’23 continues to work toward as she furthers her education at Hiram College as a Biomedical Humanities Major. Duncan was inspired to become a dentist after being bullied as a child. She says, “I used to be made fun of because of my gap so I took that and I put it into consideration for others who may be experiencing something worse than me.” Currently, Duncan works as a dental assistant and strives to assist her clients in whatever fashion to make sure that they are confident with their smiles. “I am a positive and helpful person and I try to help others in every way I can because I believe everyone deserves to live a happy life,” says Duncan.

Outside of class, Duncan has worked at Hiram’s Bistro, the physical plant, and the dining hall. She chose Hiram because she wanted to experience something that she wasn’t used to. “Hiram has helped me cultivate success by answering my questions about things I was concerned with involving my major and everything I needed to be able to graduate on time,” says Duncan. “Hiram helped me become more open to change and adapting to new things. It helped me become more social and willing to make friends and communicate with others. I feel like Hiram has helped me become an overall better person.”

Duncan is looking forward to graduating next year and is grateful for the time and effort the faculty and staff have given her to make sure her journey has been successful. She says, “If I could give advice to a first-year student, the number one thing I would say is to not procrastinate and if you need help don’t wait until it’s too late to ask. Everyone at Hiram is here to help you become successful and anything you need, Hiram is definitely there for you!”