Kera Jones

kera jones ‘25

Hometown: Youngstown, OH

Elementary Education Major

Kera Jones, a dedicated student at Hiram College, embodies the essence of a driven and ambitious individual. Coming from Youngstown, OH, Kera was drawn to Hiram for its small, close-knit community, reminiscent of her high school experience. As a lover of cheerleading, she sought to continue her athletic career while pursuing her passion for education. 

Currently majoring in P-5 Elementary Education, Kera is deeply involved in campus life. She is an active member of the Black Student Union, serves as a Resident Assistant, and passionately shares her love for Hiram as an Admissions Tour Guide. Alongside her academic pursuits and extracurricular activities, Kera finds joy in spending time with loved ones, hitting the gym, and exploring her passion for fashion. 

Kera’s journey at Hiram College has been marked by significant moments, from her memorable first class in children’s literature, which solidified her desire to become an educator, to the rewarding experience of guiding Hiram alums through campus, connecting them to their family history. Her dedication to achieving her goals, combined with her commitment to positivity and hard work, sets her apart. 

“My favorite Hiram experience was taking two Hiram alums on a tour of campus. They were doing some history searching about a family member that went to Hiram years ago. It was a pleasure to give them such an amazing tour and they even sent us a letter thanking us for the great tour we gave them,” Jones said. 

Looking toward the future, Kera aspires to become a K-2nd grade teacher at Struthers Elementary, driven by her unwavering determination to succeed and make her family proud. She describes the culture at Hiram as diverse, united, and sophisticated, urging prospective students to seize every opportunity the college has to offer. 

Jones advice to future Terriers: “Some advice I would give a student considering Hiram would be to get out and experience as much as you can! There is so much that Hiram has to to offer and you can’t experience those opportunities in your room.”