Kayla Campbell


Hometown: Eastlake, OH

Biology Major
Art Minor

“My entire life, I knew I wanted to work with animals,” says Kayla Campbell ’25. To pursue her dreams, Hiram offered her a chance to work at the Field Station where students in all majors can participate in numerous outreach programs all while enhancing the science and environmental studies programs through research and education. “As soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted to work there,” she says. Campbell currently works as a student worker at the Field Station as well as in the Office of Admissions.

Campbell found that getting involved on campus was seamless. By getting to know her professors and the student body, she decided to found Hiram’s Equestrian Club and is eager to learn how to ride. Her favorite class is biology and although it wasn’t the easiest, she found it to be the most interesting. One of her favorite chapters included the complexity of coral reefs. “After graduating, I plan on moving to either Florida or North Carolina for grad school,” says Campbell. At first, her plan was to pursue veterinarian science and work for a zoo, but her aspirations changed. “Marine life fascinates me. My mom worked in animal rehab before I was born so I’ve always known how demanding the job can be, but now that I’m working in rehab myself, I know that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life.”

Over the summer, Campbell is interning at the Wildlife Center to gain volunteer hours and will also be volunteering with Spirit of America, a boating program to help kids between 7th-8th grade attain their boating license for free.

Looking back at her first year at Hiram, Campbell believes she changed a lot. “I used to be a shy, timid girl, and now I’m comfortable giving tours to high school visitors. I never thought I’d be comfortable talking to new people like I am now.” She encourages new students to get involved and go to events as often as they can. She says, “my college experience so far wouldn’t be half as great if I didn’t know the people I’ve met.”