Jalynn Manigo

Jalynn Manigo ’26

Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland

Biomedical Humanities Major

Jalynn Manigo ’26 has been cheerleading for 15 years and is currently on Hiram’s Cheer & STUNT team! When she isn’t competing, she spends time listening to music, shopping, and studying to become a doctor.

“Being a doctor has always been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. Hiram has helped me find opportunities to shadow doctors and attend seminars and networking opportunities that allow me to gain more knowledge about the medical field,” said Manigo.

Because Grey’s Anatomy is one of her favorite TV shows, Manigo’s most memorable course she has taken so far at Hiram has been Ethics and Culture of Grey’s Anatomy. “I like my major because not only does it teach me the knowledge of being a healthcare professional, but it also teaches me the ethics and humanities that play a role in healthcare,” she said.

Manigo is a part of the Garfield Center for Public Leadership and serves as the diversity, equity, and inclusion officer for the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC).

Jalynn’s advice for prospective students:

“Enjoy yourself! College is not always about studying and classes. Try joining a club or sport and put yourself out there! The best way to learn is to explore!”