Jalon Blue

Jalon Blue ’23

Hometown: Cleveland Heights, OH

Film and Photography Major

Mental health is important to Jalon Blue ’23, a film and photography major, who is looking to impact others by capturing moments in time with his upcoming photography business. “Looking back on my time as a freshman, I would say I was very closed off and struggled with my mental health holding me back,” said Blue. “I had struggled in trying to convince myself that my work was good and worthy of being displayed.  But that has all changed from having so many people support me here at Hiram.”

Blue was inspired to start the Photography club on campus and encourages others of all skill sets to join and feel encouraged to share their mental health journey through their photography. Additionally, one of his favorite classes he’s taken was Psychology and Film because of its understanding of mental disorders and how they are often portrayed in films.

Photography and film first inspired Blue after taking a course in high school and from there, he’s devoured any opportunity to better his craft. After graduation, he is eager to work full-time doing what he loves. “Something that I have always stood by through my four years at Hiram is if you’re not doing what you love what’s the point of doing it at all? Being able to make people smile and capture beautiful moments is something that makes me incredibly excited for my future with photography.”

Outside of photography, Blue is the co-host for Hiram’s student-led podcast, Terrier Talks, and has served as a resident assistant for the last three years. “I’ve enjoyed connecting with so many students. This position has been one of the most rewarding things I have done at Hiram,” said Blue.