Haley Huffman

Haylee Huffman ‘22

Hometown: Cortland, OH

Sociology and Crime, Law and Justice Double Major

By pairing together majors in sociology and crime, law and justice, Haylee is receiving an education on a wide range of topics, like human rights and ethics. “Criminology would have to be my favorite class I have taken thus far,” she says. “We examined the minds of criminals of different ages and all different backgrounds. Each case is truly unique.”

By studying in these areas, she knows that her courses will help her start a career where she can help people to the best of her ability. Haylee has aspirations of careers in the legal field as a human rights attorney and in law enforcement with agencies like the FBI.

Before enrolling, Haylee visited several other schools in Northeast Ohio, including large universities, but she knew Hiram was right for her when she toured the campus. “I had a sense of being at home,” she says. “To anyone who is considering Hiram, visit the campus! You’ll know as soon as you arrive.”