Elena Cittadino

Elena Cittadino ‘24

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

History Major

Elena is weighing her options for what she will do after earning her degree, although she has a few ideas of where her Hiram education might take her next: “At the moment, I am considering attending law school after completing my undergraduate degree, but I have also considered pursuing a career as an archivist or historian.” Regardless of her career path, she is certain of her personal goals. “I want to be well traveled and be able to experience and appreciate as many cultures and places as possible,” she says.

Her experience at Hiram has already helped her toward this goal, as her Modern World History course taught her about new cultures and viewpoints. “I really enjoyed examining world history from a perspective that didn’t revolve around a Eurocentric point of view,” she says.

Elena has equally enjoyed her time outside of the classroom, attending events like Spring Fest with a weeks’ worth of scheduled activities. “Spring Fest was easily the best experience I’ve had at Hiram,” she says. “My friends and I had a blast at the carnival and really enjoyed the food truck rally on the hill. It helped us relax and have a little bit of fun before our spring finals.”