Dylan Baliker

Dylan Baliker ‘23

Hometown: Chardon, OH

Business Management and History Double Major

“The teachers are the best thing about my major,” says Dylan Baliker ’23. “Dr. Clevenger and Professor Hwang have helped me so much and have been great teachers for their related classes.” As a business management and history double major and a member of Hiram’s Men’s Football team, Baliker has plenty to balance. He appreciates the 12-week and 3-week structured semesters and feels it has helped him with time management. “It allows me to be focused on football and classes at the same time as the workload is not as heavy.”

Baliker was drawn to Hiram for its atmosphere. “It’s a small college that allows you to meet people and be more personable.” In one of his favorite classes, Cannibals and Headhunters, the Travel Writings of Asia, Baliker felt the class got along well and that conversations were easy to create. Plus, the Asian snacks brought to class by his professor were also a plus. “Professor Hwang was very funny and intriguing to be taught by,” he says. “The topics taught by Hiram entertain me the whole time and the classes are very informative.”

History has been a part of Baliker’s life for as long as he can remember. Pairing his history major with business management felt right, as he hopes to one day open his own business. Baliker says, “Hiram has taught me many ways on how to manage a business and I am only halfway to my degree, and I already feel like I have a grasp on how to manage one.”

During his time at college, Baliker feels he has been able to create dynamic friendships and learn how to fully live on his own. Looking toward graduation, Baliker is looking forward to what lies ahead. “I want to explore the world as I didn’t get to as a kid. I just want to be a good father when I am older and work at a job that I enjoy and don’t mind going to every day.”