Daphney Miller

Daphney Miller ’23

Hometown: Mantua, OH

Elementary Education Major

Most students choose their favorite class as something they excelled in. But not Daphney Miller ’23! Her favorite class was “Literacy Methods”, and she remarks that it was “a huge struggle.” She says, “Taking this class showed me that I am capable of persevering through challenging obstacles and prepared me to become a strong leader during the times we live in!”

Miller has worked as a summer camp counselor at Young Explorers in Aurora, OH for two years and works after-school there during the academic year. Becoming a teacher has been a dream of Miller’s for some time as she loves working with children. Hiram supported her passions and challenged her education. She says, “Hiram’s rigid and in-depth education program truly prepared me for the challenging and progressing field of education. They make sure that their teacher candidates are thoroughly prepared not only to teach but to advance and succeed in their careers!” Miller appreciated Hiram’s Tech and Trek program and says that it was a “vital part” of her success. “The quick and easy technology was very helpful during my pre-service teaching experiences and while completing classwork and projects.”

Miller is hoping to initiate change within the education system. Her goal is to further her education and eventually obtain a licensure to become a principal. “Hiram has helped me on my way to achieving these goals,” she says.