Cyona Edwards


Hometown: Parma, OH

Biology Major
Management Minor

Cyona (CeCe) Edwards ’25 dreams of becoming a veterinary ophthalmologist. She has always cared for and been surrounded by animals, and she knew by coming to Hiram College she would find the education she needed for her future career. “Hiram has helped me prepare for success by providing me with the necessary classes needed to get accepted into a graduate school,” she says. Hiram has also provided Edwards with the resources to help her find internships and research opportunities related to her major. This summer, she is currently interning at the Cleveland Aquarium where she is caring for and conducting her own research on various species on display.

Edwards does not shy away from being involved and active on campus. She is one of the Captains of the Color Guard team, the Vice President of the Chemistry Club, and Secretary for the Relay for Life Club. She works as a writing tutor, a student technician at the Dray Computer Center, a peer leader for the Career and Development Center, and is a Garfield for Public Leadership Scholar. However, she was not always so involved on campus. “When I first started at Hiram, I was shy and not involved on campus. I would just go to class and sit in my room all day and night,” she says. “Now, I am a part of many clubs and organizations and most of them have nothing to do with my major. Hiram has taught me to expand and branch out and I’ve realized that it’s okay to try your hand at something new.”

As a student, Edwards believes she has gained a sense of willingness to broaden her interests. “If I could give advice to prospective students, I would say to not be afraid to get involved and try new things. The quality of your college experience will improve so much if you step out of your shell.”