Adam Ellis

Adam Ellis ’25

Hometown: Columbus, OH

Biomedical Humanities Major

Adam Ellis ’25 plans on attending optometry school after graduating from Hiram and values the education he has received so far in preparing him for his career. “I like that my degree emphasizes the humanistic side of medicine,” said Ellis. “Biomedical humanities is naturally structured to include multiple disciplines, so I’ve gained confidence in more than just the scientific realm.”

Along with becoming an optometrist, Ellis plans on continuing to write and looks forward to publishing one of his creative projects. As a student-athlete and competing on the Men’s Swim team, Ellis has found that the relationships he has formed with his friends and professors have helped support him during challenging times. “I would say that the thing that has changed the most for me while attending Hiram, is my confidence in my academics. I’ve taken classes that have really challenged me, but I’m still here! I’m equally proud of how I’ve persevered in my classes and in swimming. I have my team and coaches to thank for both things.”

Over the past summer, Ellis has worked at Northeast Ohio Medical University (NEOMED) and has enjoyed gaining experience in the lab. “I’ve learned a lot of new skills and gained confidence in that kind of setting. I was pretty nervous before I started,” he said.

Adam’s advice for prospective students:

“My advice would be this: it is okay to be afraid. To be afraid of the future is to know that you care about the outcome. All you have to do is trust in the process.”