While Hiram does not require an essay for admission, students may choose to include an essay or writing sample as a part of their application. 

Haley Skeens, an admission counselor at Hiram, explains, “The essay is a chance for students to tell us something about themselves that may not be included elsewhere in their application. Whether students write about something they are passionate about or something that has impacted them greatly, the essay allows us to see a student’s writing capabilities, while also giving us an insight to them as a person. Because we review applications holisticallylooking at all aspects of the applicationthe essay gives the admission team a feel for each individual student’s unique personality.” 

Skeens gives her top three tips for writing a college essay: 

  1. Be authentic: We really appreciate students that are honest and share something they are passionate about, not just what they think an admission counselor would want to read. From your dedication to social justice and ending climate change to your love for Rubik’s cubes, there is no one subject to write about for a college essay.  
  2. Know your audience: Make sure your essay is appropriate for your audience. While some stories may be funny and entertaining, remember that your audience will be a team of admission staff at a higher education institution that you would like to attend. 
  3. Proofread: Make sure to edit your essay before submitting so that your writing flows and so that there are no grammatical mistakes. This helps our admission team best understand your writing.

by Haley Skeens

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