Haley Skeens

While there is not one perfect time for high school students to start thinking about college, it is important for students to explore different options.   

As students begin to explore various majors and scholarships at different institutions, they should also ask themselves: what type of school would I like to attend? Big or small? Close to home or far away? In a city or small town? These questions can allow students to narrow down their list of potential colleges, as well as help them and their family decide what schools may be a good fit

High schools and admission offices often recommend that students begin their college search no later than their junior year so that they do not feel overwhelmed with the process. Since students will likely receive many emails from colleges, it is extremely helpful to create a separate email account for the college search. This way, all college-related information is kept in one place and will not be lost in a general email account.  

Other great resources for students and families are high school guidance and college admission counselors. They may know about extra scholarships and unique programs offered at individual institutions. From questions about tuition and housing to academics and tutoring, they are there to help students make the best choice for them. Some students may also wish to reach out to professors, coaches, or current students to understand the culture of a school and ask more personalized questions.   

At any point in a student’s college search, it is important to visit schools either virtually or in-person to narrow down options. These visits can help students decide where they would like to apply and can supply insight into life on campus.   

And remember, Hiram’s Admission Office is available to answer any questions students and families have about the college search process and can be contacted at 330.569.5169. 

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