Aptly titled in honor of Hiram’s original name, the Western Reserve Eclectic Institute, the Eclectic Scholars Honors Program prepares motivated students from all disciplines to be successful at Hiram and beyond.  

Both new first-time students and transfer students are welcome to apply for the Honors Program, which is designed to challenge students academically and personally. Students who are part of the Honors Program are offered:  

  • An enriched Honors curriculum 
  • A housing scholarship 
  • Priority registration
  • Free extra credit hours 

Paul Gaffney, Ph.D., director of the Honors Program explains, “The most important part of being an Eclectic Scholar is the welcoming community, the other Eclectic Scholars. They form life-long friendships, helping and supporting each other. They study together and socialize together on the campus green, in the student center, and of course in the Honors building – Henry Hall. They collaborate on service projects and go together to talks and performances around the region.”

Eclectic Scholars begin their journey on an overnight retreat where they meet other Honors students and prepare for their first semester at Hiram. Upon their return to campus, Eclectic Scholars start their semesters and become involved with service projects as well as take an enriched Honors curriculum designed to challenge and develop students in all fields.

Many Eclectic Scholars continue their education after Hiram in graduate school, medical school, law school, and other professional programs. The program is designed to challenge and prepare students for their next steps. Whether or not a student is looking to pursue a further degree, Dr. Gaffney shares, “The program is open to all motivated students. We are looking for students who are driven not just by the desire for good grades or recognition, we are looking for students who are curious about the world around them.”

To apply for the Eclectic Scholars Honors Program, visit the website where you can schedule a video interview with Dr. Gaffney and learn more. 

by Haley Skeens