Every higher education institution has a unique process when it comes to applications, scholarships, and decisions. While it may seem daunting to understand different admission procedures, Hiram’s admission team works on an individual basis with students to answer questions about the application process. 

In order to help students and families, our admission team has broken down the process into five easy-to-follow steps: 

1.      Fill out your application. Hiram’s application is available individually on our website or through the Common Application. We do not see one type of application as better than the other—it is up to the student to decide which type works best for them. Also, Hiram is rolling admission, meaning our application does not have a specific deadline and it is for each student to choose their own personal timeline for filling out an application.  

2.      Send in your transcript. Students who fill out an application must send in their unofficial transcript either through their college guidance counselor or directly to our office. In order for a student’s application to be reviewed, their transcript must include their full grades from their first three years of high school. We do not require a supplemental essay or test scores*, although students may choose to include them in their application. *Hiram College is test-blind for scholarships which means that standardized test scores will not be considered when awarding merit scholarships. 

3.      Receive your decision. Within two weeks, a decision letter will be posted in a student’s application portal. The letter will also include any merit scholarship they have been awarded based on a holistic review of their application. If a student applied through the Common Application, they must go to our application website and create a portal with the same name and email they used for the Common Application. This will link the two accounts and allow them to view their letter.  

4.      Financial Aid. Students who are interested in financial aid should fill out the FAFSA and add Hiram to their list of schools with the code 003049. Once our Financial Aid Office receives a student’s FAFSA, they will create a full Financial Aid Package and send it via mail. Students will then decide to accept or decline their financial aid by signing the bottom of their form and returning it to Hiram’s Financial Aid Office.  

5.      Become a Terrier! If a student would like to become a part of the Hiram community, they can make a $200 deposit on our website or via mail. This deposit secures their spot and ensures that they receive the most up-to-date information about housing, class registration, and orientation.  

If students or families have any questions during the admission process or would like to set up a visit with admission counselors, current students, faculty, or staff, they can call our office at 330.569.5169. To schedule a visit, go to www.hiram.edu/visit.

by Haley Skeens