When filling out college applications, it is important to understand how the scholarship and financial aid process works at each higher educational institution. While some schools need additional applications or essays for scholarships, others do not require any extra documentation. To help students and families navigate Hiram’s specific process, Andrea Caputo, the College’s director of financial aid, and Haley Skeens, an admission counselor, teamed up to explain the scholarships and financial aid available to students

What types of scholarships are available at Hiram? 

We offer merit-based scholarships which are calculated after a holistic review of a student’s application. Our Admission Team looks at things like GPA, classes taken, grade trends, leadership, and anything else included in an application to award each student with a merit scholarship. Your merit scholarship will be stated in your decision letter on our online portal. We also have an Eagle Scout and Girl Scout Scholarship as well as several Affiliation Grants and Scholarships (Legacy Grants, Honors Scholarships, etc.). For the full list, visit Hiram’s scholarship page

Do I have to apply for merit-based scholarships? 

Nope! Your completed general application to Hiram is used to determine your merit-based scholarship upon acceptance. 

Are there other options for financial aid besides merit-based scholarships? 

Absolutely. In addition to the merit-based scholarships, Hiram also offers need-based financial aid, which can include institutional grants (free money) and federal grants (free money) to students that meet the criteria. In addition, students can be awarded self-help financial aid (must be earned and/or repaid) through work-study and federal student loans.

How do I apply for additional financial aid at Hiram? 

Complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and include Hiram’s school code: 003049.

Are there other external scholarships that I can apply for? Where can I find those? 

Yes, there are scholarships that you can apply for to help with making Hiram affordable. We have a scholarship listing online. You can also do other online searches, though you should be aware that there are many scholarship scams, so please use caution when doing online searches and applications for scholarships. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

If you have any questions about Financial Aid or scholarships at Hiram, please feel free to reach out to our Admission Office at 330.569.5169 or our Financial Aid Office at 330.569.5107. 

by Haley Skeens