Jenelle Bayus

David Strukel, Ph.D., assistant professor of communication and member of the Tech and Trek™ Transformers team at Hiram College, is an advocate for using technology to enhance the educational experience. However, he believes that it needs to be used mindfully in order to be incorporated effectively.

Dr. Strukel understands that when students graduate from college, technology will likely be a key component of the careers they pursue. That’s why he is teaching his students that technology is neither good nor bad, rather it’s all about how it is used.

Students! Compiled below are Dr. Strukel’s best suggestions for the mindful use of technology inside and outside of the classroom:

  1. Social media doesn’t lie. Avoid using social media during class as a courtesy to professors and classmates. Social media doesn’t lie in terms of when you are online, especially if a post goes live during class.
  2. It’s all about scheduling. Add due dates for papers, projects, exams, and other assignments to a calendar app on your device – you’ll be less likely to miss an assignment if you do so.
  3. Use the “do not disturb” feature. When you need your devices to leave you alone, slide over the do not disturb button. This feature is especially helpful when giving a presentation that has your device connected to the big screen.
  4. Silence notifications when trying to stay focused. Nothing is more distracting than a ringing or vibrating smartphone when you are in class, trying to study, and even sleeping.
  5. Organization is key. Stay organized by using folders for classes and assignments in OneDrive. By doing so, you also have the ability to access and share files wherever you go.
  6. Take notes your way. Find the method of notetaking that works best for you and stick to it. Apps such as Notability, Pages, and Microsoft OneNote are tools already available for use on Tech and Trek iPads.
  7. Check and double check. Make sure assignments are submitted in the correct location. For work that requires submission through a digital portal, ensure that uploads are completed successfully before leaving the page.
  8. Relax, turn devices off, and go to sleep. Stop screen time approximately 90 minutes before going to bed to allow the brain to unwind. Getting a good night’s sleep will only lead to a more productive day.

Dr. Strukel was also recently featured in a piece by Cleveland Jewish News regarding the use of technology to promote tailored learning in the classroom. Read the full article.