In recent years, many of our clubs and organizations have developed new ways to meet and interact with one another. This reinvention of the meaning of “meeting spaces” left many of Hiram’s club space across campus underutilized. A new 12-week offering taught by Jo Line, Ph.D., and Roxanne Sorrick, Ed.D., looks to repurpose these spaces. 

Line, an assistant professor of sport management and sport management fieldwork and partnerships coordinator, realized she had a shared passion with Sorrick, professor of education. Post-sabbatical, Sorrick shared a presentation on her development of the trauma-informed education certificate which Hiram introduced as a fully online program early last year. Sorrick and Line connected immediately, having a common interest in belonging and attachment as seen through psychology, sociology, and development. 

Line shares, “We have this interdisciplinary perspective that we can offer to really look at belonging and individuality in a number of ways and apply it to a lot of different contexts. Like when it comes to building community whether that’s in a classroom, on a sport team, or in your professional life. It has a lot of applications.” 

Is there an I in Team?

Line and Sorrick’s team taught class, Is There an I in Team?, discusses the concepts of individuality and group identities, strengths, and challenges through multiple lenses including belonging, fit, access, inclusion, community-building, and more. 

Urgent Challenges Seminar
Urgent Challenges Seminar

Five teams of four to five students will apply what they learn through reinvigorating club rooms for use in the coming year. “Additionally, teams will need to consider how their room encourages sense of belonging and community building on campus,” says Sorrick. 

On the second day of the class, students walked campus, looking through the rooms. Some rooms had turned into storage, while others felt like visiting a pre-COVID time capsule. Rooms had old furniture, trash, expired coffee, messages on the walls, and more. 

Once assigned to a room, teams are tasked with cleaning and determining what can and can’t be used, filling dumpsters with unsalvageable items. Students will then create a survey to determine what use will be most beneficial for other students. Taking a $500 gift card, teams will renovate the space so current and future Terriers can benefit from the new and improved campus spaces. 

As the class continues through the 12-week, check back in to see improvements to spaces on campus! 

By Noah Pilgram ’24 and Hannah Maxwell