By Elyse Pitkin

Students searching for on and off-campus involvement, how to start a club or organization, or a good “dad” joke, look no further. The new Director of Campus Involvement Office and Diversity Programming, Julie Hild, is your go-to resource! As a movie, pop culture, and pun enthusiast, Hild is sure to bring laughter and comfort to whoever visits her office, located in the Kennedy Center.

Hild joined the Hiram Community in June 2022 and has been busy networking and preparing for students to return in August. She is looking forward to developing the Office of Campus Involvement as a continual hub of information and is working toward creating a center for leadership development. “It is my hope that student leaders can find refuge as well as resources in my office no matter what they may need or how early in their leadership journey they may be,” said Hild.

Hild received her Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Spanish in 2019 at Heidelberg University and was an honors student (be sure to ask her about her capstone projects!). Later, Hild received her Master of Education in Higher Education Administration and Student Affairs from Kent State University in 2021 and worked as a Graduate Assistant of Student Involvement & Campus Programming/Traditions at Baldwin Wallace University. Before coming to Hiram, Hild was the Residence Life Coordinator with Residence Life and Housing for the University of Akron, where she oversaw two residence halls and 24 students.

“I’m looking forward to meeting Hiram students and working with them,” said Hild. “I chose to pursue higher education as a career because I love working with students, so having a student-facing position is perfect for me.”

Planning for programming this year is one of Hild’s top priorities. “I’m thinking about taking excursions to Cleveland to see productions at Playhouse Square, games, festivals, and more. I think Northeast Ohio is an amazing place to explore, and I want to show students everything that their (for some, new) home can offer them,” said Hild. Additionally, she is looking forward to building upon the traditions Hiram already has, including Homecoming and Spring Fest. While bolstering the experiences and opportunities at Hiram, Hild is also prioritizing diversity and equity in her programming. “Diversity is interwoven into everything we do, from social interactions to experiences we have in the classroom,” she said. “My work is all about appealing to students’ backgrounds, identities, and interests; by trying new programs and taking students to new places, I hope to help them learn more about themselves as well as the world around them.”

For students looking to get involved or start a new club, Hild encourages students to drop by her office to get started.
“Campus involvement can and does, in many ways, greatly impact the student experience. I like to think of campus involvement as a complement to the knowledge and skills students are already gaining in the classroom,” said Hild. “Not only can you use campus involvement to network and continue to develop various job skills, such as teamwork, marketing, financial management, and the like, but you can also use it as a way to have fun!”

Students can visit the bottom of the clubs and organizations section of the Hiram website for extended information on how to start a club, however, it is important to note that information will be continually adjusted while Hild continues to improve and or edit information throughout the summer and into the fall semester.

For more information on Hild and the Office of Campus Involvement, email Julie at

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