By Elyse Pitkin

Three Hiram library-loving students, Lydia Koszegi ’26, Simone Chatman ’26 and McKayla Carpenter ’26, recently founded Hiram’s official book club where all bookworms are encouraged to gather and discuss their latest readings.

“We’ve always been big readers,” said Koszegi who serves as club president. The idea of bringing fellow Hiram students together and providing a relaxed environment for readers to share their perspectives was enticing to Koszegi, Chatman, and Carpenter.

“I’ve found book clubs are a lot of fun and great at connecting others, especially introverts. We wanted to bring something like that to Hiram so even the shyest of students can have a club where they can be comfortable,” said Koszegi.

When applying to Hiram, Carpenter, who serves as the club’s officer of involvement, was searching for a club that she could fit into and is thrilled she was able to, not only find it, but help create it. Chatman, club vice president, looks forward to not only connecting with people who have similar interests as her but to help students channel their emotions in a healthy way. “This club is unlike any other here at Hiram because we can use this club as a way to escape everyday stressors,” she said. “Sometimes taking a break from life can give us a whole new outlook, which is my main motivation for starting a club like Overbooked.”

Overbooked accepts all students, regardless of reading level or how often they read. “It doesn’t matter what your reading level is, if you read two books a week or only read for classes, there’s a spot for everyone in Overbooked,” said Koszegi.  The group has chosen “They Both Die At The End”, by Adam Silvera as their first selection and have started their meetings for 2023.

Stay tuned as the group is looking forward to hosting picnics out on the quad, movie nights and trips to bookstores!

For those interested in joining, you can reach out to Koszegi at  or follow them on their Instagram page for their latest updates!

Lydia Koszegi ’26 (left), Simone Chatman ’26 (right) at their first introductory meeting
Lydia Koszegi ’26 (left), Simone Chatman ’26 (right) at their first introductory meeting.