Most students choose to complete an internship in their field of interest. Whether the internship is with a large corporation, a small non-profit organization, or any business in between, students gain real-world experience. The Career Center at Hiram is ready to help students find the right fit for their summer internship starting with the search and application process. In fact, they answered some of the most frequently asked questions to help students get started. 

How can the Career Center help me find a summer internship?  

We want to equip you with the tools needed to be a strong advocate for yourself and to be able to search for opportunities that will help you learn the most. We have connections with many local (and even some national!) companies and employers that consistently express interest in giving opportunities to Hiram students.

If we are unable to match you with a specific company, we will start the search process with an internship search appointment to figure out the exact type of experience you would like to have.

We will also teach you how to start the process of reaching out and representing yourself as a student interested in partnering with a company. Be realistic about the time needed for the search and start early— depending on the company size and programming, there may be due dates for applications and inquiries in early spring, so schedule a meeting with the Career Center in advance.

What other sites can I use to look for internship opportunities? 

We recommend Handshake, specifically because our office approves the employers and the positions that are posted. We also regularly check for frauds and scams to keep students safe. There are super unique internship opportunities available across the country, with remote options too. As for outside job/internship boards, we always say to use caution when searching and to double check company websites. For example, an internship opportunity may be listed on a website such as Indeed, but if you check the company’s website, you might find that it doesn’t exist or you may have missed the deadline. Search engines in general are great tools to find and research options, but we recommend that you use the company’s website to apply or inquire for more information. LinkedIn also has a jobs board that we recommend because recruiters and HR programmers for companies often use it to look for candidates from local colleges. 

What is the most important thing to remember when writing my resume and cover letter? 

The most important thing to remember is that a resume and cover letter will not get you a job/internship—they will however help you get an interview. While it’s key to have good documents that show off your experience, it is just as important to learn interview skills and how to make a good, honest impression with the interviewer. If you need help or want to practice, schedule a one-on-one interview or attend one of our mock interview events.

Can the Career Center help me through the application and interview process? 

Absolutely! Applications can be tricky, so you can meet with us to talk through the process and even complete the application with us during an appointment. Some companies don’t have formal application processes for internships, but we can teach you about the best ways to email or call and show your interest. As for the interview process, we can answer your questions and calm your concerns as much as possible with mock interviews, interview preparation, and more. Nervousness is a normal part of the interview process, but it gets easier with practice and support. Also, if you need a quiet and professional space for online interviews, we can let you use one of our designated spaces to do so.

Can I use my internship to gain class credit or credit for Hiram Connect? 

Yes! You can even do both at the same time! Hiram Connect allows you to choose from an internship, research opportunity, or study away/abroad for the experiential learning requirement. If you decide to do an internship, you should meet with the Career Center to go over the requirements and the registration process. As for academic/class credit, we recommend that you keep in close contact with your faculty advisor since they are the ones who can guide you on major requirements.

If you have more questions or want help through the internship process, the Career Center is here to help! Just email

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