By Elyse Pitkin

Looking for an adventure on campus? Travel no further as your next journey awaits within Hiram’s newest club on campus, Dungeons & Dragons! Famously known as an international role-playing tabletop fantasy game, D&D welcomes novice and legendary members to its realm, wherever the Dungeon Master, also known as the DM, decides where that may be.

Kacey Whistler ’24 first heard about D&D from her sister after she created a campaign with her friends. Whistler is known for her creativity, and her sister asked if she would create some character designs for her.

“There are a lot of things in life in general, that you have to be serious about. You have to be professional much of the time, whereas D&D allows you to express creativity with gameplay and roleplay with others,” said Whistler. “It’s really a great way of opening new discoveries about oneself and continuing to grow your imagination. We often lose that when we grow older, unfortunately.”

Currently, Whistler serves as the club president for Hiram’s D&D club and is looking forward to opening the organization up to campus. “The idea of the club first started because my friends and I wanted to start a session and spend time together. We thought that by becoming a club we could have assistance with funding and encourage others to join that might have always been interested but never have had the opportunity.”

Dungeons and Dragons is known for its storytelling. Dice, ultimately, help the game along but your decisions will determine what you look like, how you act, and what happens next.

“Our DM has a lot of ideas for our campaign. It’ll definitely be filled with adventure, floating islands, and be very naturalistic,” said Whistler.

During the spring semester, meetings will be held weekly and students will participate in a series of planned campaigns designed by the executive board. Those interested in pursuing a creative outlet outside of their academics are encouraged to email Whistler at

“We have a lot of clubs and organizations at Hiram that are designed for certain majors and minors. D&D is open to all academic interests and is a place where people can get together just to do something for fun,” said Whistler. “It’s important to have other interests outside of your degree and explore your creative energies in a non-judgmental space.”