Recently, Hiram College hosted the first annual ‘Little Sis’ softball game. The Little Sis program is an opportunity for Hiram’s softball team to mentor and develop a relationship with young girls in the community.

“A lot of the little girls come from camps that we have done within the community. They already started having a connection with our team and started learning from them,” said interim head coach, Summer Collins.

Members of Hiram’s softball team have written letters since October, discussing their life as college athletes, and offering motivation and advice to the young recipients.

“The Little Sis program is an opportunity for our girls to realize the impact they can have on the next generation. Young girls need strong, confident women to look up to, and this program is an opportunity for little girls to have a role model in their community and believe that, they too can be college softball players and more! It’s all about young women supporting other females and using our platform to elevate others,” said Collins.

Giselle Bahena, a Hiram graduate student, and the softball team’s catcher, believes the program has shown the greater impact the team has on the girls in their community. She said, “The feeling of being the one the girls look up to and idolize is indescribable. I can’t wait for these girls to be in our shoes one day and experience the feeling of inspiring the next generation. The Little Sis program will for sure go down as one of my favorite experiences throughout my time here at Hiram.” 

By Elyse Pitkin

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