Every year, Hiram College celebrates student leaders and campus community members for their hard work and effort to foster a vibrate campus during the Leadership Awards Ceremony. Even though the campus community cannot come together for a formal gathering this year, the College is proud to announce the recipients of the following awards and honor them for their dedication to our campus community.  

Program Awards 

Most Inclusive Program 

Intercultural Forum Dinner and Show 

This award goes to the program that worked to include people from diverse backgrounds and beliefs. It brought everyone together.  

Top Residence Hall Program of the Year 

Sex Carnival by Danielle Thompson and the Sex Carnival RA Committee 

This award goes to the Residential Assistant(s) who work every day to make living on campus a little better. This is the best program put on by an R.A. or the Residential Staff.  

Top Club Program of the Year 

Silent Night by the Student Athletic Advisory Committee 

This award goes to the best club-created program.  

Overall Campus Program of the Year 

Bingo by the Office of Campus Involvement 

Most impactful, inclusive, and creative program overall!  

Organization Awards 

Young Club of the Year 

Writers-In- Residence 

This award goes to a club that began either this or the previous academic year and has shown great potential in their programming, mentorship, or other endeavors.  

Most Improved Student Club of the Year 

Integrative Exercise Science Club 

This award goes to a club that has shown wonderful improvements when it comes to programming, responsibilities, mentorship, and including the Hiram community in their club efforts.  

Most Outstanding Student Club or Organization of the Year 

Student Athletic Advisory Committee 

This award goes to a club or organization that excels in all areas of programming, mentorship, and involving the whole campus community in all of their club or organizational efforts.  

Club Officer of the Year:  

Amber Ricketts and Brayla Stokes 

This award values a club officer who demonstrates exemplary leadership and has positive influence on, not only their club or organization, but the campus as a whole 

Individual Awards 

Social Change Award 

Alexia Kemerling 

This award is bestowed upon a student or organization that dedicates themselves to making positive social change on campus. They have greatly influenced a social trend that improves campus life, education, or community through their actions.  

The Vibrant Award:  

Alex Andrzejewski 

This award goes to an individual who shows school spirit and does their best to make other students around them happy and feel welcome.  

 Professional Mentor of the Year 

Brad Goodner, Ph.D.  

 This award goes to a faculty, staff, or administrative member of Hiram College who works to improve the quality of life for students. They should exemplify compassion, show importance for inclusion, and mentorship.  

Emerging Student Leader:  

Margaret Stehno 

This award goes to a First-year or Sophomore student who is displaying strong leadership qualities.  

Unsung Student Leader of the Year 

Hannah Ward 

This award goes to a student that makes many people’s lives better by the work they do but is often the quiet influence in a group. Still, they dedicate personal time and energy in their role as a campus leader and mentoring other students. They often do not receive the thanks they deserve.  

Commuter Student of the Year 

Denise Hart 

 This award goes to a commuter student that is super involved and shows lots of interest for campus life, even when living off campus.  

Exceptional Senior Awards 

Norah Ali and Rodney Myers 



by Jenelle Bayus