By Elyse Pitkin

If you have been searching for a book that can reshape your authenticity, look no further. The Requisite Courage promotes resiliency, leadership, career wellness, fear management, and personal development.

“Facing tragedy from an early age, I haphazardly learned to find the good in change and ride the wave of disruption,” said Hiram alumna Kris McGuigan ’01, founder, and CEO of Professional Courage in Cleveland, OH. “Death, divorce, career transitions, startups, reinvention; I often chose my change before it was chosen for me, but that did not make the journey less difficult and scary. Each passage required unprecedented levels of courage. I wish someone had given me a map of sorts to help navigate the dark spots. To shine a light on the self-actualization milestones along the way. And so, I created one for others.”

The Requisite Courage is a roadmap for finding professional and personal bravery in the things that matter most to you. It is a strategic plan that will define your desired outcome and include the major steps—those milestones—needed to reach it. McGuigan wants her readers to recognize that there is a step-by-step approach to facing our greatest fears. “You can access the life you’ve been wanting to live,” she said.

Like many books, The Requisite Courage provides research and statistics to back up the concepts presented. It also provides actionable tips about how to embrace change in one’s daily life. “The difference maker for this book is the strong theme of vulnerability woven into the text,” said McGuigan. She shares raw stories from her own life and illustrates how these courageous concepts came to fruition all while connecting to the reader at a deeply rooted level. One challenging aspect of the book is discussing the roadblocks and self-limiting beliefs people commonly face when moving through changes. The book devotes individual chapters, exercises, and practical strategies for certain fears, including the fear of rejection, the unknown, the fear of inadequacy, isolation, and even the fear of success.

Ultimately, McGuigan wants the reader to learn three key principles. She said, “First, you will learn to bring clarity and understanding to who you are and what you want. Second, you will learn to attach conviction to that realized purpose to fuel your confidence. This includes embracing the aspects of life that align with your value system and letting go of that which does not serve you. We’re going to teach you how to do that. The final principle is focused on taking action. You will learn to establish daily practices to build resilience and breed constancy in your life.”

To learn more about McGuigan and The Requisite Courage, please attend her book signing at Hiram College on September 26, 2022 from 11 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. in the Kennedy Center Brown Fall Room.

Interested in a copy of her book? Books can be pre-ordered now at Barnes and Noble and Amazon!

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