The Department of Management, Marketing, and Economics in the Scarborough School of Business and Communication at Hiram College recently sponsored a panel on Organizational Leadership in Sports. The panel fostered leadership enrichment for students in an Organizational Behavior class taught by Morgan Clevenger, ED.D., MBA, associate professor of management.  Tiona Dunklin, first year double major in psychology and management with an entrepreneurship minor from Cleveland, hosted and coordinated the event as a project for the Eclectic Scholars Honors Program.

Speakers at the event included:

Barb Anthony, executive director of the Northeast Ohio Women’s Sports Alliance (NOWSA)

Gavin Stephens, director of talent and engagement for the Cleveland Cavaliers

Joanna Line, assistant professor of sport management at Hiram College

Nathan Westinghouse, first year ​supply chain management major

AJ Caggiano, first year accounting and financial management  major  

Nathan Cooper, first year management major and Eclectic Scholar

The event sparked conversation and highlighted several aspects of leadership in the sport management field. With years of experience shared amongst the speakers, attendees left with valuable knowledge of organizational leadership. 

By Noah Pilgram