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This week, as we prepare for the 171st Commencement ceremony honoring the Class of 2021, we asked a few of our graduating seniors to reflect on their time on the Hill. Each day this week, we will hear from a member of the Class of 2021 as they share their favorite Hiram memories, what they’ll miss most, and their advice for new students.

Tahj Lorthridge came to Hiram from Allen, Texas. Tahj majored in management in the Scarborough School of Business and Communication and also made memories on Charles A. Henry Field at Malmisur Stadium as a member of the Hiram Terriers football team.

How did you first find Hiram College, and what made you interested in attending?

I learned about Hiram through being recruited for football. Hiram became appealing to me when I came to campus for a visit, and the people here made me feel like I was family from the moment I stepped on campus.

What did you want to achieve by attending college?

My life goal was to be one of the first males in my family to go to college and graduate. Hiram definitely helped me do that by keeping me on track and giving me the opportunity to study here and continue my education.

Do you recall a Hiram class or professor that had an impact on you as a student?

My human resources class was one of my favorites, because it was a very interesting class to me to be able to learn about the job, and being able to have someone give first-hand experience about the job made me like the class. I also enjoyed classes with Professor Timothy Shick (assistant professor of management), because he’s a great professor who gives help when needed. He also brings in a real-life perspective on the business world, which was always very helpful to me being a management major.

Is there any advice you’d give new students at Hiram?

I think I’d tell an incoming student to enjoy this while they can, because the bonds you create in college will last with you forever. You want to be able to have a network that you can use for yourself after college, so get out and meet different people and just be you. Also, try to have fun in college and enjoy yourself.

Don’t be stressing yourself out about school, or you won’t be able to see what college has to offer you—not just as a student, but what you can learn about yourself to benefit you outside of college. My favorite Hiram experience was being able to play college football and to see my growth as a student at Hiram from my freshman year to senior year.

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