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This week, as we countdown to the 171st Commencement ceremony honoring the Class of 2021 on Saturday, May 15, we asked a few of our graduating seniors to reflect on their time on the Hill. Each day this week, we will hear from a member of the Class of 2021 as they share how Hiram helped them to achieve their goals, make connections with faculty members, and learn more about themselves.

From her hometown in Las Vegas, Amber Berumen Baker discovered Hiram College after meeting with Michael Cracas, head women’s soccer coach, to discuss joining the Hiram Terriers. A student from the School of Health and Medical Humanities, Amber majored in integrative exercise science and minored in public health.

Do you have professors that you will miss after you graduate?

Professor Michael Rebold (program director and assistant professor of integrative exercise science) and Professor Mallory Kobak (assistant professor of integrative exercise science) are the professors that have helped me the most in my four years at Hiram. They pushed me to accomplish my goals, and they made sure that if I ever needed help, they were there.

What are your plans after graduation?

I will be attending the University of Nevada, Las Vegas for graduate school in their doctorate program in physical therapy. I chose my major, because I’ve always known that I wanted to stay in the fitness/healthcare realm. I love to help people but also continue to learn what is good for my own health and body. The integrative exercise science major also gave me the opportunity to pursue different career paths later on.

Faculty and staff at Hiram work to teach students the concept of mindful technology, or learning when and where to put technology aside and appreciate your surroundings. How do you think you practiced that while at Hiram?

My favorite Hiram experiences were the occasions when parts of campus lost power. I thought they were fun, because it gave me those brief moments to disconnect from social media, schoolwork, and TV — that way I could bond with roommates or get to know other students in my residence hall. Just my luck I also got to spend my 22nd birthday this year in a power outage!

What advice do you have for new students at Hiram?

My biggest advice is to simply enjoy the time you do have here. Those years will go by super quick, so get involved in clubs or a sports team. Focus on your schoolwork, because those small awards or recognitions you will earn are a confidence booster.

And do not stress if you are unsure what you want to pursue after college or what your major will be. Just know that you made it here, and you should be proud of yourself for that accomplishment alone! Take the small wins you get.

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