As we prepare for Hiram College’s Commencement on Saturday, May 13, 2023, honoring the Class of 2023, we connected with several of our graduating seniors to share some memories and advice from their time on the Hill.

Laura Alspaugh has taken the stage and worked behind the scenes during Hiram’s various theater performances for the last four years. Laura is majoring in psychology with a minor in art and design from the School of Health, Education, Sustainability & Society and the School of Arts, Humanities & Politics.

How did you first find Hiram College, and what made you interested in attending?

“My uncle went to school at Hiram and recommended me to check it out. As soon as I got on campus, it felt like such a homey environment.”

What did you want to achieve by attending college?

“I wanted to be more culturally and socially aware of my surroundings and life in general. I was a very stubborn teenager, and I wanted step outside of my comfort zone when I got to college.”

What is one of your favorite Hiram memories?

“During my junior year, I was in the spring show, Lysistrata. It was a very funky, women-empowering show and the characters were really fun.

What did you learn about yourself during your time at Hiram?

“I need to be more confident in myself. It’s the times that I have stepped out of my comfort zone that I have actually grown quite a bit. I don’t like to be uncomfortable, but it has been a rewarding experience when I put myself in that position.”

Do you feel like you achieved a goal while you were a student?

“Yeah, I think I gained a lot of new friendships with people that I never thought I would be friends with. I have always been very introverted in my social groups. At Hiram, I have become friends with people in different sports and different majors.”

What are your plans after graduation?

“Currently, I am trying to be an admissions counselor post-graduation and I’ve been applying to all kinds of schools in Ohio. I remember being really nervous looking at schools and was very stubborn. In terms of the psychology field, people fascinate me, and I want to be able to get incoming students, if they are as stubborn as I was, to come out of their shell. I would like to help them explore things that they might not have thought of, and I would like to help them be more comfortable in a college environment.”

By Elyse Pitkin

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