Haley Skeens

As our campus community welcomes spring and warmer weather, the Admission Office continues to offer virtual and on campus experiences to help students explore Hiram. While seniors are in the midst of their college search, juniors may be just beginning, and our admission team is here to help students no matter where they are in the process. Below, Sherman Dean, director of admission, shares some useful tips for students and families to aid them in making the college search process go more smoothly.  


  • Focus on maintaining a strong grade point average: Colleges will make initial admission decisions based on your cumulative grades from 9th – 11th grade. 

  • Make sure that you are on top of your credits and courses: Work closely with your school counselor or advisor to ensure you are on track to graduate. 

  • Consider taking an ACT or SAT: With more schools deciding to go test optional, this isn’t vital, but it is a good thing to consider. 

  • Make a list of the things you feel you want in a college: Think about things like academic majors, extracurriculars, sports, etc. 

  • Begin researching colleges: If possible, use the summer before senior year to visit the ones you have interest in. 


  • Begin to search and apply for scholarships: Sites like Fastweb.com and CollegeBoard.org are great resources. 

  • Pay close attention to deadlines: Try to narrow down your choices to 4-5 schools and apply no later than Halloween.  

  • Learn about Financial Aid: Work with your family to complete the FAFSA to ensure you can take advantage of any financial aid for which you may qualify. 

  • Finish strong academically: Falling grades in the senior year are red flags for colleges. 

With these tips in mind, whetherstudents are making their final decision or just starting their college search, they can more successfully navigate the process of finding the right school for them! If students or families have questions about the college search, please reach out to the Admission Office at 330.569.5169.