Hosted by the Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities, Hiram’s Terrier Activities Board (TAB) visited Lincolnshire, IL, on November 10-12 for the 2023 Midwest Regional Campus Activities Planning Conference. TAB organizes diverse events every semester to enrich student life on campus. The conference focused on booking and budgeting for events on campus, with sessions that helped students manage apathy, conflicts, and stress, and develop leadership skills. TAB gained valuable experience and plans to bring what they learned to campus.

Julie Hild, director of campus involvement and diversity programming, highlighted her experience by sharing how wonderful it was, “I met a lot of other student programming board advisors, connected with vendors, and learned quite a bit about how to be a better professional.” The conference offered many interactive sessions and opportunities for networking between campus involvement boards. 

TAB Attends Midwest Regional Campus Activites Planning Conference
Students and OCI Director, Julie Hild, attend APCA Conference

Sadie Qualls, TAB Secretary, found that the conference was a great way to connect with other colleges and discover new events and ways to implement them. The new connections to vendors allows TAB to maximize the potential of future events. Her favorite sessions included Commuter Connections: “I found they had some really helpful ways to not only be more welcoming to commuters, but also to a diverse community. The conference was truly and amazing experience.” 

Alexis Flores, TAB Vice President, felt that the experience was meaningful and left the conference with new ways to make Hiram events sensory friendly: “This included simple ideas like including a sensory friendly stamp on all posters and also providing accommodations to make our events more accessible to all students.”

Attendees departed with a wealth of fresh ideas, equipped with diverse strategies to involve a broader audience and foster increased student engagement. Additionally, they left with professional skills that will benefit them going forward. Our TAB representatives are excited to incorporate their ideas and new experiences in campus events moving forward. Be on the lookout! 

You can find a listing of TAB’s upcoming events, as well as all upcoming campus events here. 

By Noah Pilgram ’24