By Taylor Cook

Bread and Soup, a cornerstone of Hiram tradition, returned to Hiram’s campus after three years during the College’s Winter Welcome. The event, which has been a part of Hiram tradition for over 20 years, was put on hold at the beginning of the pandemic. 

As tradition goes, students, faculty, staff, and friends of the College poured into the Kennedy Center ballroom to enjoy the selection of bread and soup options paired with the buzz of conversation. All proceeds donated at the event will go towards Hiram’s Sugar Day on April 6, 2023.

Campus involvement and diversity programming director, Julie Hild, who worked to coordinate the event, shared her excitement regarding the turnout from the community. “It’s such a well-loved tradition on campus,” she said.

Bread and Soup has always been a hit on Hiram’s campus bringing generations of students, faculty, and villagers together for a moment. The tradition provides students with an opportunity to socialize with others in their community who they may not have an opportunity to network with otherwise. Over the many years Bread and Soup has been at Hiram, students have welcomed the tradition and continued to make it part of their Hiram journey.

Steve Romberger, Ph.D., Hiram professor and avid Bread and Soup attendee shared, “Both as a Hiram faculty member and as a village resident, Bread and Soup is one of the events I’m really happy to see back because it is something that brings the village and the College together.” 

Senior Trey Saunders ‘23, recalls attending Bread and Soup his first year at Hiram, and is excited to be able to connect with professors at the event again. “It’s a great place to interact with our faculty in different environments and get a chance to learn about who they are as a person. As an underclassman, it was nice to come here and get to know some of the faculty on a first name basis while they were also learning more about me as a student,” Trey said.

Bread and Soup is a tradition that is cherished by many in the Hiram community and will hopefully continue for years to come.