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Welcome Back to the Hiram Hill - Spring 2021

Welcome Back to the Hiram Hill – Spring 2021

As you can imagine, Hiram is a bit quiet with the lion’s share of the campus community now wrapping up the fall semester from a distance. We hope everyone has an enjoyable holiday break with their family, friends, and loved ones. While you are away, we continue to work on plans for the upcoming Spring 2021 semester – one that emphasizes safety and allows for social distanced interactions that will nurture the type of community we know and love.

Our preparations for spring continue to be driven by our interest in bringing the Hiram community together physically in as safe a way as possible. Students, faculty, and staff did a terrific job of adhering to the Hiram 5, and as a result, we were successful at keeping the number of active cases to a minimum.

As in the fall, we will proactively share updates and new resources as they are available in coming weeks, and those additional resources will also be available here.