Hiram College

We understand that members of the community may need assistance to adjust to a smoke-free, tobacco-free environment. The College has services in place to support students, faculty and staff in their choice to stop smoking or using tobacco.

Resources for Students

Students can find resources to quit smoking through the Julia Church Health Center, including access to the Quitza program, the world’s first social smoking cessation network.

For more information on Quitza and other resources, please visit the Health Center’s website or contact the Health Center staff at 330.569.5418.

Resources for Employees

For Hiram faculty and staff, the College’s medical benefit plan for employees provides coverage of cessation products and support services. In addition, the College’s Employee Assistance Program provides faculty and staff with access to licensed counselors through phone or video sessions.

For more information, employees should access the internal Human Resources website or contact the Office of Human Resources at hr@hiram.edu. 

  • Smoke-Free, Tobacco-Free Hiram College

    Hiram College has taken steps to preserve the physical well-being of our students, faculty, staff and campus visitors.

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