Hiram College

Size Matters

With physical distancing recommendations likely to remain in place for the foreseeable future, Hiram College is leveraging its small size to make real-time and future-focused decisions. To promote the health and well-being of its students, we are pleased to announce many changes beginning summer 2020.   

Single housing options Working from the assumption that Ohio colleges will be allowed to bring students back to campus this fall, all students assigned to a traditional residence hall for the 2020-21 calendar year will be issued a private room at the same cost as a double room. The standard additional cost for the premium room will be covered in full by a new grant program. No student will pay extra housing costs for a single room.  

Later start date– The official start date for the traditional fall semester is now August 31, 2020. College officials are working closely with state and county agencies to follow any guidelines that will be in place regarding course delivery modes and co-curricular activities.   

Pathway flexibility– Choose from one of three pathways toward the bachelor’s degree or any combination: Traditional College, 8-week sessions, and Weekend College. Starting this fall, the obstacles that separated these pathways in the past will be removed so that you can move with ease from one pathway to another. Proportionally priced housing options will be available to students in all pathways.  

Free summer classes– Starting this year, continuing Hiram students have the option to take up to two free summer courses each year through the junior-year summer. This summer, deposited incoming students will also be permitted to take a free course, giving them the opportunity to get an early start in their college journey. Successful completion of these courses could easily shave off a semester or a full year, thereby saving students a considerable sum of money.  

Lower tuition and no mandatory fees– Earlier this year the College announced a new tuition model that reduces the published price of tuition by 35% and eliminates mandatory fees. At $24,500 (excluding room and board), Hiram stands as one of the most competitively priced private colleges in the area.

Early distribution of technology bundles to incoming students– With the recent transition of all summer orientation sessions to online, we will distribute the mobile technology bundles, as part of Hiram’s Tech and Trek program, to all incoming freshman who complete on-boarding and paperwork waivers by mid-May. In addition to use for orientation, the state-of-the-art iPad Pro, related accessories, and a pre-loaded suite of educational apps, will allow students who opt to take the free summer courses the opportunity to enter the new learning arena on equal footing.