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We’re looking for a few good men and women! Will you be a reunion Giving Ambassador for your class?

Reunion Giving Ambassadors are classmates who have embraced the challenge by making a leadership gift to the Hiram fund.  Join them in their support of your alma mater by making a gift to the Hiram fund today!

Find out what it takes to become an ambassador by contacting Aimee Bell at bella1@hiram.edu or 330.569.5279.


Hiram Terrier Mascot


Hiram Terrier Mascot


50th Reunion Committee

Members of the Class of 1969 Reunion Committee are offering a challenge with a $50,000 matching gift. This means your gift to the Class of 1969 Class Gift will be DOUBLED by the reunion committee. Click here for more information about the class gift and 50th reunion.


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Ted Dellas


Dan Maxson 1979 Reunion Giving Ambassador

Dan Maxson

“ I continue giving to Hiram College because it is OUR Hiram College and I enjoy returning to The Hill – it’s the million little things!”


Patricia Hajifotiou 1994 Reunion Giving Ambassador

Patricia Hajifotiou

“I give to the Hiram Fund because my education at Hiram College was so instrumental in getting me where I am today. I am truly grateful to the professors and the environment at Hiram that helped me see the greater picture and indeed the greater world.”


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Heather Meeker 1994 Reunion Giving Ambassador

Heather (Moore) Meeker

“I was able to attend Hiram thanks to generous scholarship support provided by donors who had faith in my abilities and my future, even though they didn’t know me at all. The fact that I wanted Hiram – and Hiram wanted me – was enough for them to make it possible. I have faith in the students who want to be there now. I know my support can make their Hiram experience as life-changing and meaningful as mine turned out to be.”


Hiram Terrier Mascot


Brittany Jackson 2004 Reunion Giving Ambassador

Brittany Jackson

“We were all so fortunate to call Hiram home when we were students and learn alongside each other, we need to remember to give back so current and future students can have those same opportunities and experience the Hiram Hi! Even if you can only donate a small amount, every dollar counts in continuing to educate our students to become global and socially responsible citizens in this ever changing world!”


Danae Wolfe 2009 Reunion Giving Ambassador

Danae Wolfe

“I give to the Hiram Fund because my Hiram experience would not have been possible without generous donations from alumni in support of student scholarships.”


Justin Lonis 2014 Reunion Giving Ambassador

Justin Lonis

“Giving to Hiram College fosters an environment where creative students can have the tools and resources needed to become successful entrepreneurs.”