Hiram College

Who are Reunion Giving Ambassadors?

Reunion Giving Ambassadors are classmates who have embraced the challenge by making a leadership gift to the Hiram fund.  Join them in their support of your alma mater by making a gift to the Hiram fund today!

Find out what it takes to become an ambassador by contacting Aimee Bell at bella1@hiram.edu or 330-569-5279.




joe stamm in #21 football jersey

Joe Stamm ‘68

“I credit my Hiram experience for preparing me extremely well for future success. I support Hiram to make that quality opportunity available and affordable for today’s young men and women.”





thomas bacher

Thomas Bacher ’78

“Throughout my life, I’ve discovered countless places, but I can return to Hiram and find my younger footsteps and never get old. I left Hiram but it never left me.”




Michael R. Myers, Ph.D.

Michael R. Myers, Ph.D. ‘83

Hiram was a perfect fit for me in the world of choices available at the time. Some of the defining high-impact experiential activities that I think a Hiram education delivered for me included the whole approach to learning via championing critical thinking, diversity of thought and integrated creativity (e.g., art, music, literature & science). All of this conspires to inform ones passion for life-long learning. I believe the curriculum and associated cultural environment also helped me improve my approach to learning how to learn and affirmed the importance of Hiram’s community in delivering impactful contributions to humanity as good global citizens.

I distinctly recall a very atypically short sermon (~2 min) provided by one of our visiting Priests at a Sunday Mass in the Kennedy Center. He highlighted how most of what WE were paying for at Hiram was likely provided for us by our hard-working families and for some students, gifts in the form of awards or scholarships and/or direct government support. He pointed out that “the plumbing” is mostly being paid for by others that precede us or support us in the hope that everything flows well. He reminded us that once we graduate, it will be our turn to face the reality of taxes, but we also need to seriously think about how we actively contribute to maintaining good plumbing in our churches, our communities and around the planet – and then he ended it with “or bad things will tend to back up”.




Chris (McCrory) Smithhisler ‘88

“I love Hiram. I love what Hiram taught me, I love that crisp smell of campus in the fall, I love the friends I made throughout my four years on campus, I love the work I did, and I especially love how Hiram gently guided and molded me into the person I am today. Hiram taught me to be a compassionate citizen in this world. I am thankful for my time on campus and I give back to Hiram so that others may be afforded the same experience and growth that I had. Please join me in giving what you can to say thank you to Hiram.”



Brent Rice

Brent Rice ’93

“The generosity of others – in addition to my parents’ support and my own efforts – made Hiram accessible to me. And I couldn’t have been more pleased as, after my first visit, I felt Hiram was the right place for me. In the years since Hiram I’ve chosen to participate as one of those “others” by supporting the Hiram Fund. Among the many things the Hiram Fund means to the college, it helps to keep a Hiram degree affordable and allows continued development of the college as an institution relevant to the students of today and to the society of tomorrow. Now as the parent of a college student – and, soon enough, a second – it strikes me that much more freshly how important and impactful it is to support my alma mater.”




Black and White photo of Chad Ahren ’98

Chad Ahren ’98

“I spent a lot of time at Hiram connecting with new people. There was always an urge to stick to my inner circle – and I did plenty of that – but I’m constantly reminded today of how nicely my social risks paid off in the long run. We all remember how social habits were sort of defined by which hall you lived in; in Centennial, we struck a nice balance between hellraising and raucous. But I found my friends in Henry, Booth, Dean, and Miller brought a lot of new perspectives to my life. They chose different academic, social, and professional paths at Hiram and were generous enough to share what they were learning with me. They rounded me out and made me a better person.

Now that we are well into middle age, it’s clear to us how important a wide, adaptable world view is to succeeding out here. Understanding multiple perspectives and synthesizing new ideas into your own makes your community stronger and your life richer. Hiram created the conditions for us to grow with each other, and I get a lot of satisfaction in supporting the College now that I’m in a better position to do so. I hope you will join me in giving what you can to ensure Hiram helps a new generation of learners to grow like we did.”



Kathryn (Ogden) Brickner

Kathryn (Ogden) Brickner ‘03

“Hiram helped to shape me into the person I am today! That is why I give. I want future students to have the experience I had at Hiram. Giving helps to ensure that Hiram’s legacy lives on.”




Jared Drummer

Jared Drummer ’08

“It is hard to believe 10 years have passed since we walked across the stage on the campus green to complete our undergraduate journey from Hiram. As I reflect back on the many memories I had, I hope all of my fellow classmates will do the same as we prepare for our 10 year reunion. The experiences I gained at Hiram have made me the person I am today and I am so thankful I choose to be a Terrier. I have supported Hiram each year after graduation and hope you will join me in supporting the place we all called home. Your support will allow future Terriers to have similar experiences.”




Katherine Valaitis

Katherine Valaitis ’13

“Hiram College is more than just a place of higher education it is full of diversity, culture, collaboration, friendship and abstract learning moments. From the double helix staircase in Gerstacker to the flag room in the Library all the way down the hill to parties in the townhouses Hiram College provided us with an incredible opportunity to grow, learn and have fun! Here’s to sharing those memories and experiences with many classes to follow.”