Hiram College

Online, Partnership, and Weekend College New Student Experience

Online, Partnership, and Weekend College Orientation

The Orientation program for Weekend College, and Partnership students at Hiram College begins with the online Orientation, which will open April 4. Throughout the online orientation program, students will complete activities and forms that are required prior to starting their courses. Once a student has completed all of the required steps online, they will receive an email to register for their academic advising appointment and register for their courses.

The online Orientation is required for all incoming students, and will help you to prepare for your time at Hiram College and register for courses for your upcoming semester.

To access the online Orientation site, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Visit http://my.hiram.edu/.

Step 2: Choose “Moodle” in the list of tabs along the top of the page.

Step 3: Log in using your Hiram username and password – your username will be your Hiram email address without the @hiram.edu. For example, if your email is burkhartbm@hiram.edu, your username will be burkhartbm. You will then enter your password and log in.

Step 4: Find and open the New Student Orientation site by clicking on “New Student Orientation 2022 – OL.”

Step 5: Click the first item under Required Steps, “Welcome to Hiram,” to get started.

Click here for an orientation overview, which provides information on how to progress through the online Orientation site once you begin.

Please note: Depending on your incoming credits, you may be exempt from taking the math placement exam. Please email orientation@hiram.edu for more information.

If you have any issues with your Moodle login or password, please contact the Dray Helpdesk at helpdesk@hiram.edu. Please email orientation@hiram.edu at any point in time if you have any issues with the online orientation.