Hiram College

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David Ambrose ’67
Brian Annandono and Jennifer (Vlad) Annandono ’90/’90
Anonymous (3)
Roger Baker and Janet (Burt) Baker ’69/’69
Joseph Baytosh ’83
Jonathan Bell and Constance Colwell ’75/–
Robert Bissell and Martha Bissell
Paul Bowers and Marcia (Messett) Bowers ’78/’75
Kim Brandenburg and Jane (Rodier) Brandenburg ’80/’79
Timothy Bryan and Jackie Bryan
Ralph Burgess and Ruth (Huey) Burgess ’61/’62
Bruce Burkey and Marilyn Burkey ’61/–
James Busch and Rebecca Busch ’86/–
Michael Carlson and Karen Carlson ’70/–
David Carr and Angela Carr ’84/–
Eugene Cavanaugh and Shirley Holland ’52/–
Dinka (Morgan) Chambers+ ’52
The Estate of Mrs. Anne K. Christman
Michael Clark and Joan Clark ’94/–
Virginia (Dunipace) Cook and J. Hilary Cook ’53/–
James F. Creagan and Gwyn Creagan
Nancy (Ziel) Curtis-Einheit and Herb Einheit ’57/–
Franziska (Teuffel) Dacek and James Dacek ’74/–
David Dain and Judith (Monroe) Dain ’58/’59
Charles Darsie and Sandra Cook ’62/–
The Estate of Cecelia Davies
Martha Derthick ’54
Michael Dively
Alan Donley and Carol (Cram) Donley ’63/’60
Donald Dorson and Lenore (Karpiak) Dorson ’65/’67
Marjorie (Dugan) Dzapo ’53
The E. and E. Davis Foundation
Douglas Ellis ’83
Stephen Ellis and Jean Ellis
Jonathan Estrin and Spencer Humphrey ’69/–
Christopher M. Faiver, PhD  ’69
Dorothy (Barlow) Farner and Frank Farner ’42/–
Tonia (Bell) Ferrell and Daniel Ferrell ’97/–
Robert Fitz and Sally Fitz ’60/–
James Fleming and Judith Fleming
Ruth Flickinger-Birskovich
Michael Fritz and Carol Fritz ’78/–
Rudolph Garfield and Jenifer Garfield
Thom Geist and Christopher Leo ’57/–
Martha (Hurst) Geneva and Louis Geneva ’67/–
Carl Gordon ’58
Timothy Goslee and Lynne (Sanders) Goslee ’64/’65
Michael Grandillo and Nancy Grandillo
Paul Gregor and Barbara Divine
Brent Grover and Candy Grover
Diane Ruggiero and James Guy ’78/–
M. Reid Hankin and Bondie (Dix) Hankin ’70/’69
Jay Hershey ’63
Stephen W. Jones and Laura L Jones
William R. Joseph
Allen Kannapell and Barbara Kannapell
Arthur Keller and Judith Keller ’62/–
Robert Klinzing and Rozanne (Cole) Klinzing ’68/’68
Terry Kovel
Ward Lawrence and Joan (Rowland) Lawrence ’57/’58
James Malz and Sonia Malz ’87/–
James Martin and Karen Wierwille Martin ’65/’64
Michael Massouh and Virginia (Jacox) Massouh ’61/’65
Stephen Matthews and Sheila Whetzel ’71/–
Garth McAdoo and Barbara (Brigham) McAdoo ’54/’55
Robert McClelland and Averil (Evans) McClelland ’64/’57
Heather (Moore) Meeker and James Meeker ’94/–
Diane Morgan ’84
The Morgan Foundation
Peter Namen ’81
Sally Olds ’51
Stephen Osborn and Faith Osborn
Peggy Painley and Rick Painley ’08/–
Ernest Pasqualone and Sarah (Norment) Pasqualone ’77/’77
Michael Pence ’91
Tamara (Brady) Pendleton and Alexander Pendleton ’69/– and the Pendleton Foundation, Inc.
W. Robert Price and Sandra (Pugh) Price ’83/’84
Gail (Meyer) Pytel ’66
Andrew Randall and Adrianna Randall
Brian Ratner
Edward Reed and Jan (Case) Reed ’53/’56
George Rose and Jane  Preston Rose
Robert Roy and Betty Roy ’47/–
Kathleen (Preston) Rudolph and Carl Rudolph ’75/–
George Schaefer and Diane Schaefer ’80/–
Henry Schellenger ’80
Marsha Sergi and Paul Sergi ’07/–
Ruth Skocic and Kenneth Skocic ’06/–
Christina (McCrory) Smithhisler and Peter Smithhisler ’88/–
J. Philip Smith and Susan (Cannon) Smith ’63/’64
Timothy C. Smith and Carol Smith
Donald Soltis and Jill Soltis ’66/–
Harry Stiggers ’53
Thomas B. Stimson and Terri A. Stimson
Marie Strawbridge
Arthur Stupay and Diane Stupay
Jon Surprise and Maxine Surprise
Larry Sutton and Patricia Hollister-Sutton
Lucia (DiSalvo) Swanson and Theodore Levine ’70/–
Charles Sweeney and Dianne Sweeney ’69/–
John Titch and Terasa Titch ’80/–
Janis (Reed) Trachtman and Richard Trachtman ’69/–
Harry Visser and Melody Visser ’74/–
Mary Walser ’70
John Warren and Jenifer (Sudnick) Warren ’86/’86
Robert Warren ’68
C. Daniel Weber and Donna Weber ’61/–
Detra West
Erik Weyls and Janet Weyls ’88/–
Steven White and Angela Rose White and the Rose Family Trust
Ann Williams ’62
Christine (Bruemmer) Youngs and David Youngs ’84/–
Susan Young and William Roper ’74/–