Hiram College
Leadership Giving $5,000-$24,999
Gay Cull Addicott and Edward Addicott and the Robert R. and Gay C. Cull Family Foundation
Wendy (Cross) Allen and Edwin Allen ’74/–
David Ambrose ’67
Beverly (Johnson) Applebee and Donald Applebee+ ’57/–
Donald Batisky ’83
Joanne (Milliren) Bauman ’58
George Bissell
David Brennan and Ann Brennan and the Brennan Family Foundation
Robert Brethauer and Nancy Glennan-Brethauer ’69/’69
Sheryl Buckley ’68
Ann Burr
Martha (Harnar) Cargo ’39
David Carr and Angela Carr ’84/–
Kathleen Coleman ’87 and The Lester E. and Kathleen A. Coleman Foundation
Helen Ann Conrad
Frederick Crouter and Louise (Patterson) Crouter ’54/’52
David Dain and Judith (Monroe) Dain ’58/’59
Charles Darsie and Sandra Cook ’62/–
The Estate of Jeannette F. Dietz
David Dix and Janet Dix
Carl Draucker and Claire Draucker ’73/–
Ty Freyvogel and Kathy Freyvogel
Barbara (Hinrichsen) Gardiner and William Gardiner ’58/– and the William H. Gardiner Family Foundation
Michael Newkirk and Olivia Garfield
Paul Gilbert and Linda Cies ’74/–
James Graham and David Dusek ’88/–
Douglas Gruber and Julie Gruber ’82/–
Lindley Hall and Marcia Hall
C. Thomas Harvie and Iris A. Harvie
Curtiss Isler and Judith Isler
J. Phillip Jones and Norma (Collins) Jones ’47/’49
Ralph Keyes
Ronald Kilpatrick and Rosemary (Crea) Kilpatrick ’64/’64
Jacqueline (Larsen) Krabill ’51
Christine (Blair) Legow and Elliot Legow ’74/–
Todd Little and Cynthia (Sauer) Little ’79/’80
James Malz and Sonia Malz ’87/–
Frederick Martin ’64
Robert Maurovich ’66
Kevin McMahon and Kristen (Rossman) McMahon ’74/’74
William Meyer and Mary (Gabriel) Meyer ’66/’66
M LaVerne Miner and William R Miner+ –/’45
Susan and Joseph Minor
Robert Mitchell and Dora Mitchell+ ’51/–
Nicole Monachino ’00
Ellen (Foster) Monroe and Thomas Monroe+ ’64/–
Randolph Neal and Teresa (Fergason) Neal ’78/’79
Frank Paden ’73
Walter Peckinpaugh and Marilyn Peckinpaugh ’65/–
W. Robert Price and Sandra (Pugh) Price ’83/’84
Roger Reynolds and Ruth Reynolds ’53/–
Marilyn (Mattison) Rice ’61
Sherman and Rama (Schinagle) Riemenschneider ’65/’66
Stephen Robb and Judy Honig ’70/–
Joan Roguski ’77
Barbara Shipley ’04 and The Walter V. and Judith L. Shipley Family Foundation
Bruce Shylo and Karen Shylo ’71/–
Alexander Sidorowicz and Ruth Sidorowicz
Robert Siedle ’56
Joe Stamm and Leslie Stamm ’68/–
Robert Stroup and Elizabeth Coleman Stroup ’67/– and The Beatrice R. and Joseph A. Coleman Foundation
Tyson Vines
Robert Warren ’68
Estate of Robert V. Webb
Paul Whitacre and Pamela Whitacre ’78/–
John and Sylvia Yankey