Hiram College
Leadership Giving $1,850 – $4,999
P. Thomas Bacher and Madeleine Bacher ’78/–
Paul Barton and Carole Willett-Barton ’53/–
Joseph Baytosh and Janet Baytosh ’83/–
Virginia Bean and Ronald Daley ’74/–
John Belden and Debra (Randby) Belden ’82/’82
Barry and Rebecca Benjamin
William Bestimt and Linda (Haneberg) Bestimt ’67/’68
Robert Blaine and Martha Blaine ’69/–
Larry and Alison (Copius) Bouts ’71/’71 and The Bouts Scholarship Foundation
Kevin Bradley and JoEllen Minchak ’84/’82
William S. Brooks
Todd Brown ’88
Ralph Burgess and Ruth (Huey) Burgess ’61/’62
Bruce Burkey and Marilyn Burkey ’61/–
Bruce Bustard and Victoria (Lounsbury) Bustard ’76/’76
Michael R. Canty
Emey (Hwang) Chu
Carole (Racine) Conley ’58
Roger Cooper and Doral Cooper ’70/–
Bradley Cromes and Lindsey (Wilson) Cromes ’06/’07
Robert Cruden and Diana Gannett ’58/–
The Estates of James and Isabelle Dunlap
Jonathan Estrin and Spencer Humphrey ’69/–
Christopher M. Faiver, PhD  ’69
William Falsgraf and Janet Falsgraf
Tonia (Bell) Ferrell and Daniel Ferrell ’97/–
Nancy (Bush) Gassler ’64
Michael Greenwood and Susan Greenwood
Terry Hartle and Susan Quantius ’73/–
Ted Hellmuth and Betsy Hellmuth
Jay Hershey ’63
Matthew Hinderegger and Kimberly (Hellert) Hinderegger ’90/’92
John Hurst+ and Lillian (Bierce) Hurst ’56/’62
Linda (Price) Jardini ’60
Beverly Keefer ’67
Richard Kocan and Laura Kocan ’63/–
Mary (Boice) Lancaster and Henry Lancaster+ ’59/–
John Lauder and Susan Lauder ’68/–
Charles Marn and Kathleen Hawkins ’78/–
Garth McAdoo+ and Barbara (Brigham) McAdoo ’54/’55
Ruth McCalla Edwards ’71
Averil (Evans) McClelland ’57
Thomas McKenna and Kelli (Roepke) McKenna ’78/’78
Michael Mooney and Barbara Mooney ’68/–
Michael Myers and Debbi Myers ’83/–
Robert Naehring and Linda (McGaughey) Naehring ’60/’63
Eileen (Anthony) Niemi and Edwin Niemi ’48/–
Andrew Oldman and S. Madeleine Oldman
G. Benjamin (President Emeritus) Oliver and Paula Oliver
Denise Patterson ’91
Michael Pence and Ulises Marin ’91/–
Tamara (Brady) Pendleton and Alexander Pendleton ’69/– and the Pendleton Foundation, Inc.
Joseph and Christine Pritchard
Michael Read and Sarah (Cardinal) Read ’96/’98
Thomas Reuschling and Dorothy Reuschling ’64/–
Molly Rinehart
Henry Schellenger and Julie Schellenger ’80/–
Marsha Sergi and Paul Sergi ’07/–
Janis (Piwkowski) Shelton and James Shelton ’72/–
Stephen Smith and Susan Smith ’69/–
Cynthia Smith and Gregory Petrick ’78/–
J. Philip Smith and Susan (Cannon) Smith ’63/’64
Doris Smith
Peter and Laura Swallow
Janis (Reed) Trachtman and Richard Trachtman ’69/–
Matthew Vana and Krystyl Vana ’08/–
Robert and Helena Vana and The Vana Family Foundation
John Vlad and Mary Alice (Roberts) Vlad ’56/’56
Mary Walser ’70
Sally Webb ’78
C. Daniel Weber and Donna Weber ’61/–
The Estate of Donald J Whitney ’43
Annie Williams ’62
Carol (Blanchard) Wolfe and David Wolfe ’70/–