Hiram College
Terry Abramovich and Lynne (Rohrich) Abramovich ’74/’73
Candis Ahren
Charmaine Kepes and Ugur Aker ’93/–
Mariellen Aley ’61
Nancy Ambrose ’72
Mark Armeni ’83
Aimee Bell
John Bennett and Kathleen Bennett ’72/–
Dr Dixie Benshoff Ludick ’72
David Biddle and Sally Hutcheson ’74/’76
Cherylann Blankfield ’85
Thomas Bogo, Jr. and Tara (Shevetz) Bogo ’00/’02
Elizabeth (Heckel) Breederland and Henry Breederland ’59
Ann and David + Brennan and the Brennan Family Foundation
Charles Brininger and Patricia (Fenton) Brininger ’67/’67
William Daniel Brown and Jessica (Hoptay) Brown ’06/’06
Ralph Burgess and Ruth (Huey) Burgess+ ’61/’62
Robert Burkey and Kirsten (Hansen) Burkey ’63/’63
Barbara (Kostyo) Burwell and Ronald Burwell ’78/–
Sarah (Hirt) Buzulencia and Michael Buzulencia ’83/–
Stephanie (Thomas) Byrne and Joseph Byrne ’70/–
Stephen B Cage Jr and Mary Jane Cage
Stewart Canfield and Debra Canfield ’69/–
Michael R. Canty
Eugene Carbaugh and Margaret Carbaugh ’67
James Case
Barbara Cashion and Herschell Cashion ’87/–
Richard Catteau and Dale Catteau
Paul Channels and Ruth (Mattison) Channels ’70/’70
Virginia (Dunipace) Cook ’53
Ms Abby T Cook
Karla (Griggs) Corbett and David Corbett ’83/–
Lisa (Prouty) Corwin and Gilbert Corwin ’88/–
Laura (Harmon) Cosgriff and Mark Cosgriff ’95/–
Thomas Coughlin and Nancy Coughlin
John Crea and Mary (Maltby) Crea ’67/’70
Loretta L. (Lutchka) Curry ’57
Franziska (Teuffel) Dacek and James Dacek ’74/–
Patricia Darsie and Terry Dyroff ’64/–
Bruce Davis and Susan Davis ’72/–
Gary Deckant ’74
Alexandra H Dellas
Katherine E Demuesy
Jeffrey Denham and Susan Denham ’79/–
Bruce Dentler and Letitia (Stewart) Dentler ’69/’69
Ronald Devorsky and Lois (Bowden) Devorsky ’88/’89
Emily (Bufferd) Ellis and Frank Ellis ’74/–
Ruthellen (Rosenthal) Fein and Richard Fein ’79/–
Marcia Ferguson and Joe Tokar ’09/–
Linda (Dean) Fihelly ’58
William Finch and Carol Finch ’68/–
Sandra (Creech) Floyd and Jack Floyd ’64/–
Susan Ford ’65
Paul Foster and Louise Foster
Betty Foulk ’59
Richard Fowler and Darlene (Ciccarelli) Fowler ’77/’78
Jeffrey Fram and Tina Fram ’74/–
James Frank and Elizabeth (Ahls) Frank ’63/–
Warren W. Furey and Nancy L. Furey
Mary Gaylor ’70
Christian Geiser ’70
Sharon Gmutza and Thomas Gmutza ’11/–
George Graham and Michael Fleenor ’86/–
Charles Green ’73
Toni Greenslade-Smith and Dean Smith ’79/–
Gregory E. Griffith ’68
Douglas Grimm ’84
Keri Gusmann ’71
Peter Hackman ’75
Lora (Wight) Harbison and Jess Harbison ’93/–
Danielle (Kurash) Harley and Douglas Harley ’98/–
Ann Havener and Richard Estabrook ’72/–
David Hawkey and Jennie Hawkey ’71/–
Alexander Allan Hayes ’69
Chad Hegerty and Jennifer Hegerty ’86/–
Robert Heinbaugh and Paul Hinrichsen ’64/–
Ted Hellmuth and Betsy Hellmuth
Peter Henderson and Shirley Henderson
Phillip Hickox ’73
Laetitia Hight ’13
Thomas Hill ’80
Jennifer (Hogue) Hobbs and Matthew Hobbs ’07/–
Wilhelmena Holmes ’08
Richard Horton ’65
Todd Hrbek and Alexis Hrbek ’93/–
Jeffrey Ignatoff and Kathleen Ignatoff ’64/–
Kristopher Immel and Amy (Kocka) Immel ’08/’09
Joel Ingersoll and Fiona Ruthven ’96/–
Curtiss Isler and Judith Isler
David Jones and Sheryl Jones ’80/–
Norman Kayser and Joan Kayser
Norman Kelker and Hanna Kelker ’61/–
William Kelly and Kathleen Kelly ’73/–
William Kendall ’53
Peter Kenney and Lynn Kenney
Susan Keyser 
Mary (Davis) Kilcoyne and Neil Kilcoyne ’58/–
Robert Klinzing and Rozanne (Cole) Klinzing ’68/’68
Shelby (Chambers) Krzyzak and Thomas Krzyzak ’71/–
Beverly (Peters) Lange ’68
Charles Lawrence and Virginia Lawrence ’68/–
Larry Lawson and Dianne (Smith) Lawson ’71/’72
Shane Leary and Nadia (Nakonecznyj) Leary ’98/’99
Raymond Leo ’87
Alice Lewis ’74
Wendy (Fox) Lichtenwalter and Rick Lichtenwalter+ ’72/–
Asad Lodhi ’03
Nathan Lyman and Gail Lyman ’77/–
John Mager ’92
Leesa Mann and Dwight Emerson ’68/–
Richard Marsh and Judith Odenheimer ’68/–
Richard Masters ’58
David Maxson ’82
Estate of Lee McCarty ’70
Michael McNally and Stephanie (Ramian) McNally ’76/’74
Judith (Krivanek) McNeish ’79
Raymond A. Messina and Merrily R. Messina
Richard V. Miller
Adrianne Miller ’10
James Mottice and Barbara Mottice ’60/–
Robert Mottice and Marlene Mottice ’60/–
Lucetta (Trexler) Muth and Michael Muth ’74/–
Donna (Wackerman) Nagy and Joseph Nagy+ ’67/–
Barbara (Sandy) Newman ’52
Daren Niemi ’10
Sally Olds ’51
Kevin and Candy Painley ’84/–
Sigmund Peck and Rae (Harmon) Peck ’53/’55
Susan (Dlugo) Penko and Paul Penko ’68/–
Robert Penrod and Betty-Jane (Novicky) Penrod ’70/’70
Brian Pifer and Sonya Pifer ’94/–
Brent Pliskow and Lisa Delson ’02/–
F. Clayton Pond and Marjorie Pond ’63/–
W. Robert Price and Sandra (Pugh) Price ’83/’84
Cheryl Principi ’83
Ernest Ramirez
Glen Roat and Helen Roat ’53/–
Susan Roberts ’68
Margaret (Roth) Robson ’49
Mary (Bayliss) Rosenberg ’71
William Ross ’84
Heather Rounds ’80
Thomas Rusk and Patricia Rusk
Don Salsky and Irene Salsky ’70/–
James Salter and Mary Salter
Phyllis (Thomas) Schenkkan ’54
Seku Shabazz ’00
Richard Shafer and Susan Shafer ’70/–
Nancy (Mathes) Sigler and Gerald Sigler ’68/–
Edward Simmer and Peggy Herzog-Simmer ’86/’89
David Sporar and Colleen Sporar ’03/–
Liselotte (Filippi) Tan and Eng Tan ’64/–
Jay Taylor and Kristin Firth ’79/’78
Michelle (Gyulai) Thompson and Shawn Thompson ’90/–
Marcia (Rosenblatt) Thompson ’52
Andrea (Monroe) Toonder ’61
Greg Toth and Carrie Toth ’97/–
Joseph Tutton and Lynn Tutton ’59/–
Ellen Walker and Robert Walker
Sally Webb ’78
David Weber ’69
Jay Wilder ’67
Henry Wise and Shelley Wise ’61/–
Jerry Workman and Susan (Downs) Workman ’86/’84
Phyllis (Williams) Young ’58
Katarzyna (Kruzel) Zarish and Jeff Zarish ’93/–
David Zeigler and Marlene Zeigler ’93/–
Jon and Amy Zepp
Ben and Joanne Swenson