Hiram College
Heritage Society – 5 to 9 Years of Consecutive Giving
Candis Ahren
Charmaine Kepes and Ugur Aker ’93/–
Nancy Ambrose ’72
Mark Armeni ’83
Joan Arrington ’86
Kelly (Heinbaugh) Barthel and Don Barthel ’91/–
Keith Barton and Aimee Barton ’90/’01
Connie (Elwood) Bennett and Brian Bennett ’88/–
John Bennett and Kathleen Bennett ’72/–
Lawrence Bennett and Jessica (Webb) Bennett ’69/’69
Marjorie (Ticknor) Berkey and Terry Berkey ’62/–
David Biddle and Sally Hutcheson ’74/’76
Libby (Hill) Blake and Jim Blake ’69/–
Cherylann Blankfield ’85
Larry and Alison (Copius) Bouts ’71/’71 and The Bouts Scholarship Foundation
Joan Bowen and Richard Bowen
Judith (Wight) Bowker and Michael Bowker ’65/–
Olive (Wendell) Boyd ’51
Timothy Boyer and Heather Boyer ’89/–
Elizabeth (Heckel) Breederland and Henry Breederland ’59
David Brennan and Ann Brennan and the Brennan Family Foundation
Robert Brethauer and Nancy Glennan-Brethauer ’69/’69
Charles Brininger and Patricia (Fenton) Brininger ’67/’67
David Brokaw ’52
Virginia Buchanan
Everett Burgess and Michele Burgess
Robert Burkey and Kirsten (Hansen) Burkey ’63/’63
Barbara (Kostyo) Burwell and Ronald Burwell ’78/–
Stephanie (Thomas) Byrne and Joseph Byrne ’70/–
Nathan Calapa and Amy (Saito) Calapa) ’07/’07
Michael R. Canty
Eugene Carbaugh and Margaret Carbaugh ’67
David Carr and Angela Carr ’84/–
Tria Charnas ’10
John Choma ’86
John Frederick Church and Kelley Ann Church ’87/–
Kenneth Cline ’80
Lynn (Craddock) Cohee and Richard Cohee ’69/–
Virginia (Dunipace) Cook ’53
Karla (Griggs) Corbett and David Corbett ’83/–
Lisa (Prouty) Corwin and Gilbert Corwin ’88/–
Laura (Harmon) Cosgriff and Mark Cosgriff ’95/–
John Coyne and Ryan Coyne ’95/–
Douglas Crawford and Letitia Crawford ’64/–
John Crea and Mary (Maltby) Crea ’67/’70
Glen Crevier and Sybil Crevier ’75/–
Bradley Cromes and Lindsey (Wilson) Cromes ’06/’07
Richard Crossen and Ann Crossen ’69/–
Robert Cruden and Diana Gannett ’58/–
Loretta L. (Lutchka) Curry ’57
Patricia Darsie and Terry Dyroff ’64/–
John C. Davis and Minh-Tam Davis ’66/–
Randall Dearth and Sharon (Dittmer) Dearth ’86/’85
Gary Deckant ’74
Christopher Delisio and Stephani Delisio ’91/–
Alexandra H Dellas
Theodore Dellas and Dee Dellas ’74/–
Robert DeMallie and Hildegard DeMallie ’76/–
Jeffrey Denham and Susan Denham ’79/–
Karen Denison and Terry Taddeucci ’81/–
Bruce Dentler and Letitia (Stewart) Dentler ’69/’69
Amber Dewey and Louis Tremante ’92/–
Sharon Douglass ’90
David Egleston ’85
Emily (Bufferd) Ellis and Frank Ellis ’74/–
Bruce Ervin and Helen Hempfling Ervin ’76/’78
Bobbi (Harter) Evans and Michael Evans ’69/–
Georgia Farris Romanko and William Romanko ’00/–
James Faulkner and Linda Faulkner ’67/–
Keith Faust and Ruth Faust ’87/–
Ruthellen (Rosenthal) Fein and Richard Fein ’79/–
William Finch and Carol Finch ’68/–
Patricia Fisher ’86
George Fiske ’69
Ruth (Lemmon) Fletcher-Ferrill ’56
Sandra (Creech) Floyd and Jack Floyd ’64/–
Richard Fowler and Darlene (Ciccarelli) Fowler ’77/’78
Jeffrey Fram and Tina Fram ’74/–
Paula Frohring and the Paul and Maxine Frohring Foundation, Inc.
Joan (Yurick) Fucci and Donald Fucci ’62/–
Warren W. Furey and Nancy L. Furey
Michael Newkirk and Olivia Garfield
Mary Gaylor ’70
Christian Geiser ’70
Robert Gerrett and Sarah Gerrett ’69/–
George Gessner ’66
Dennis Getz and Shannon Getz ’82/–
Georgia Gichenko and William Gichenko ’98/–
Martha (Gray) Gienke ’60
Sharon Gmutza and Thomas Gmutza ’11/–
Jo Goldman
George Graham and Michael Fleenor ’86/–
Monica (Wilcox) Grebb and Dave Grebb ’91/–
Robert D. Haak and Eleanor F. Beach
Robert Hamilton and Kyoko Hamilton ’64
Danielle (Kurash) Harley and Douglas Harley ’98/–
C. Thomas Harvie and Iris A. Harvie
Ann Havener and Richard Estabrook ’72/–
David Hawkey and Jennie Hawkey ’71/–
Alexander Allan Hayes ’69
Chad Hegerty and Jennifer Hegerty ’86/–
Robert Heinbaugh and Paul Hinrichsen ’64/–
Julie Olds and Thomas Hellie ’83/–
Ted Hellmuth and Betsy Hellmuth
John Heyburn and Virginia Heyburn ’69/–
Thomas Hill ’80
Noel Holland and Yvonne Holland ’51/–
Wilhelmena Holmes ’08
Louise Howells and James Ogilvy ’71/–
Leah (Hunter) Knapp and Kenneth Knapp ’13/–
Jeffrey Ignatoff and Kathleen Ignatoff ’64/–
Curtiss Isler and Judith Isler
William Jackson and Caryn (Horne) Jackson ’79/’79
Berta (Bunn) Johnson ’60
David Johnson and Lisa Johnson ’66/–
David Jones and Sheryl Jones ’80/–
Allen Kannapell and Barbara Kannapell
Norman Kayser and Joan Kayser
Peter Kenney and Lynn Kenney
Susan Keyser
Mary (Davis) Kilcoyne and Neil Kilcoyne ’58/–
Steven King and Anna King ’82/–
Shelby (Chambers) Krzyzak and Thomas Krzyzak ’71/–
Charles Lambert and Kay Lambert ’55/–
Stephanie (Mills) Landry and James Landry ’73/–
Beverly (Peters) Lange ’68
Ward Lawrence and Joan (Rowland) Lawrence ’57/’58
Larry Lawson and Dianne (Smith) Lawson ’71/’72
Norma (Taylor) LeCompte ’44
Shane Leary and Nadia (Nakonecznyj) Leary ’98/’99
Elizabeth (Kinney) Lee and David Lee ’71/–
Christine (Blair) Legow and Elliot Legow ’74/–
Leo Lewis and Lauren (Johnson) Lewis ’00/’00
Wendy (Fox) Lichtenwalter and Rick Lichtenwalter+ ’72/–
Lauren London-Law and Daniel Law ’10/–
Katherine Loring and Robert Benjamin ’68/–
Nathan Lyman and Gail Lyman ’77/–
Craig MacLeod Walls and Elizabeth (Cognard) MacLeod Walls ’96/’96
John Mager ’92
James Mako and Sara Mako ’93/–
Leesa Mann and Dwight Emerson ’68/–
John Manners ’78
Hardin Martin ’80
Jodi (Murphy) Martin and David Martin ’93/–
Richard Masters ’58
David Maxson ’82
Gregory Mayfield ’87
Lee McCarty and Cynthia (Tollis) McCarty ’70/’68
Averil (Evans) McClelland ’57
Michael McNally and Stephanie (Ramian) McNally ’76/’74
Judith (Krivanek) McNeish ’79
Raymond A. Messina and Merrily R. Messina
Adrianne Miller ’10
Brett Miller ’94
Peter Mitchell and Suzette Barclay ’69/’69
Michael Mooney and Barbara Mooney ’68/–
Courtni (James) Moorman and Scott Moorman ’98/–
Anita (Rauchwerger) Moser ’57
Michael Myers and Debbi Myers ’83/–
Robert Naehring and Linda (McGaughey) Naehring ’60/’63
Andrea Norris ’03
Marjorie Nugent and Patrick McMonagle ’82/–
Andrew Oldman and S. Madeleine Oldman
John Owen and Jean Procious ’96/’98
Arthur L. Paddock, III and Patricia Paddock ’69/–
James Parsons and Susan Parsons ’71/–
Norman Paskowsky ’73
Michael Pence and Ulises Marin ’91/–
Susan (Dlugo) Penko and Paul Penko ’68/–
Brian Pifer and Sonya Pifer ’94/–
Patricia (Smith) Pillsbury ’70
Brent Pliskow and Lisa Pliskow ’02/–
Paul Porter and Kara Porter ’07/–
Richard Powers and Christine Powers
Susan (Pritchard) Pilbeam and Robert Wazgar ’67/–
Sally Promey and Roger Fallot ’75/–
Mary Jane (Penniman) Randolph and Burleigh Randolph ’51/–
Robert Reading ’69
Evelyn (Hunn) Rice ’54
Bette (Kittel) Rimsky and Gerald Rimsky ’68/–
David Rinear and Sheila Rinear ’66/–
Molly Rinehart
Glen Roat and Helen Roat ’53/–
George Rose and Jane  Preston Rose
William Ross ’84
Lisbeth (Roberts) Rundle and James Rundle ’69/–
Dawn (Schlaeppi) Runyon and Bruce Runyon ’82/–
Benton Russell and Vikki Russell ’52/–
Franklin Russell and Robyn Kremer ’72/–
James Schellenger and Teresa Schellenger ’75/–
Phyllis (Thomas) Schenkkan ’54
Marcia (Wright) Schulte and Allan Schulte ’69/–
Barbara (Vincent) Sealand and David Sealand ’63/–
Marsha Sergi and Paul Sergi ’07/–
Seku Shabazz ’00
Subashchandra Shah ’69
Patricia (Gibbs) Shanower ’50
Carol Shively and Thomas Register ’79/–
Bruce Shylo and Karen Shylo ’71/–
Robert Siedle ’56
Catherine Smerek and Edward Smerek ’84/–
Rachel (Floriano) Smith and Matthew Smith ’09/–
Tracy Spencer and Henry Davis ’78/–
David Sporar and Colleen Sporar ’03/–
Richard Stofan and Nedra (Kingzett) Stofan ’54/’54
Shirley (Morlan) Stoffer and Richard Stoffer ’61/–
Christine Stonebraker-Martinez ’10
Connie Stopper
J Michael Swetye and Idette Swetye ’69/–
Sheldon Taft and Rebecca Taft
Jay Taylor and Kristin Firth ’79/’78
Toby Tenenbaum and Henry Coleman ’69/–
Sherri Tennant ’11
Douglas H. Thompson and Robin C. Thompson
Harry Tolles and Robbyn (Ramp) Tolles ’69/’69
Andrea (Monroe) Toonder ’61
Marsha (Weeks) Traill and Peter Traill ’71/–
Edward Trenn and Dedra Trenn ’96/–
Dorothea (Sims) Troutman and Lawrence Troutman ’59/–
Prudence (Senuta) Tucker and John Tucker ’65/–
Joseph Tutton and Lynn Tutton ’59/–
Joseph Vrba and Wylene Vrba ’74/–
Ellen Walker and Robert Walker
JoEllen Walker ’78
Sally Webb ’78
C. Daniel Weber and Donna Weber ’61/–
David Weber ’69
D. Blair Weidig and Lizbeth Hoke ’75/’78
Kristen Weidus ’09
Frederick Weimert and Judith Weimert ’68/–
Alnetta (Ramsey) Whitaker ’59
Steven White and Angela Rose White and the Rose Family Trust
Henry Wise and Shelley Wise ’61/–
Phyllis (Williams) Young ’58
Karl Oliver Yu ’00
Hal Zug ’54