Hiram College

Heritage Society – 5 to 9 Years of Consecutive Giving

Ms Debra A Abdalian-Thompson
Ms Patricia A Abdenour
Terry and Lynne Abramovich
Corrie and Charles Adams
Harry and Sally Adams
Nancy and Chuck Adams
Phillip and Geraldine Adams
Ms Sandra Alger
David and Kathleen Allen
Mrs Mae S Allen
Wendy and Edwin Allen
Ms Nancy L Ambrose
Mr Glenn G Anderson Sr
Herbert and Molly Andrews
Dennis and Carol Arbour
Thomas and Megan Arbour
Frances and James Ardito
Sandra Ashmun-Gabel and Barry Gabel
P Thomas and Madeleine Bacher
James and Sharon Baird
Lorna and Robert Baker
Richard and Virginia Baldau
Cynthia and Robert Barclay
Ms Deborah J Barnet
Ms Shirley Bartin
Juanita and Dale Basey
Robert and M Sue Bates
Marilyn and Roger Bauer
Virginia Bean and Ronald Daley
James and Nancy Bekeny
Dr Robert L Benedict
Bruce and Susan Bennett
Carol and Alvin Berthold
Michael and Diane Best
William and Linda Bestimt
Barbara and Thomas Bilodeau
Mrs Barbara A Biltz
David and Ann Bishoff
Robert and Winifred Bishop
Ms Beverly J Blair Esq
Mary Kay and Dennis Blair
Ms Kristen M Blankley
Miss Sharon L Blowers
Evelyn and Richard Boeson
Sally and Richard Boggeman
Mrs Elizabeth J Bohlin
Sherry Williams Bortnick
Paul and Jeanne Bosley
Houston and Mary Bowers
Mr Dwight B Bowers
Dwight and Linda Bowman
Betty and Richard Boydstun
Lt Col Thomas B Boyer
Mrs Paula E Bradley
Kim and Jane Brandenburg
William and Renate Brenneke
Theodore and Jeanne Brenner
Michael and Kathryn Brickner
G Scott and Deborah Briercheck
David and Inga Brooks
Phillip and Joan Brotzman
Richard and Beth Bruce
Gene and Sarah Brunn
Mr John P Bucklin
Russell and Ruth Burgess
Bruce and Marilyn Burkey
Timothy and Constance Burr
James and Rebecca Busch
Loren Byrne and Kim Seymour
Mr Kenneth R Cain
Ms Amy P Cantini
Michael and  Peggy Carney
Gail and Mary Carns
Ms C Patricia Carr
Eugene Cavanaugh and Shirley Holland
Floun’say and Tamea Caver
Diane and Douglas Chandler
Noreen Channels and Donald Galbraith
Paul and Ruth Channels
Mrs Jean M Choate
Robert and Gwendoline Clark
Mr James H Clarke
Dr Thomas G Clarke
Mr Rodger L Cliff
Mrs Martha L Colbert
Christopher and Stephanie Collins
Mrs Susan C Conover
Mr Jared B Cooper
Karla and David Corbett
Marilyn Cover and David Knofler
Michael Crabtree and Mary Pillow
Douglas and Sandra Crandall
David and Donna Crane
Florence and Ray Cross
Frederick and Louise Crouter
Barbara and John Cymanski
Charles Darsie and Sandra Cook
Bruce and Susan Davis
Ms Kay F Dawson
Barbara and Trenton DeJong
Bertha and Robert Dell
Joseph and Viola Denham
John and Jane DeYoung
Mr Eric G Dietz
Kathleen and Stephen DiLoreto
Miss Dona E Dise
Mrs Janet G Donaldson
Greg and Kristina Dooley
David and Beverly Dorson
Juanita and Harold Downey
Mr Jared M Drummer
Mr Gorman L Duffett
Sarah and Norman Duncan
Amy and Mark Dutton
Mr Douglas J Ellis
Stephen and Jean Ellis
Dr Richard P Ely
Mr Chalmer M Ernst
Jonathan Estrin and Spencer Humphrey
Daniel and Virginia Factor
Dorothy and Frank Farner
Jeffrey and Robin Fee
Tonia and Daniel Ferrell
Gerald and Mary Ann Fields
Mr William Filion
Roger and Janet Fink
Dorothy and John Finn
Ms Judith Raymond Fischer
James and Judith Fleming
Sue and Charles Florio
Will and Mary Folger
Jess and Suon Ford
Richard and Allyson Ford
Douglas and Nancy Franley
Patricia and Alan Fredrick
Mrs Eleanor B Frew
Mrs S Elizabeth Frey
Glen Friedman and Cynthia Hoover
Ms Evelyn R Frohring
Kathleen and Ronald Fuller
Mary and Michael Furillo
John and Opal Galvin
Charles Ganzel and Barbara Clancey
Lorraine and Thomas Gaughenbaugh
Thom Geist and Christopher Leo
Michael and Margaret Gerhardstein
Mr Peter C Gernold
William and Jean Gertz
Mr H Paul Gilbert and Ms Linda Cies
Agnes and Shirley Glowacki
Mrs Mary G Goetz
Timothy and Lynne Goslee
Leslie Gottshall-Decker and Douglas Decker
Charles Graham and Debra Wallace
Lemuel and Joan Green
David and Nancy Greenwood
Michael and Susan Greenwood
Ms Janice L Gresko
Rhina and Eugene Griffel
Jerry and Ruth Griffin
Ms Lethia M Grimes
Douglas and Linette Grimm
Ms Emily M Gronberg
Royce and Grace Gruenler
Paul and Dorothy Gschwend
Ms Tracey Guice
Ankur and Rakhi Gupta
Ms Donna L Gyor
David Hagen and Karen Wayneberg
The Rev Frances Hakenson
Richard and Prudence Hall
Ms Joan M Haner
Jimmie and Mary Hanes
Ralph and Doris Hanna
Miss Janice M Hargate
Barbara and Alan Harper
Stephen and Carole Hasbrouck
Douglas and Nancy Hatch
Patricia and Charles Hauser
Donald and Kathleen Havener
Mr Arnold Hayes and Ms Karen Donley-Hayes
Joi and Dwaine Hemphill
Mrs Elizabeth A Hendricks
Ms Christine E Henry
Mary and Carl Hertzman
Dr Elisabeth Hesse
James and Carolyn Higginbotham
Mr Wayne R Hill
Mr Matthew H Hils
Henry and Mary Hockenberger
H Robert and Janice Hoeffler
Cynthia Hoeh and Paul Stancioff
Robert and Leeanne Hoffmann
John and Mary Hollenbach
Arthur and Barbara Horn
Harland and Jacqueline Horton
Robert and Mary Ann Horton
Peter and Nola Horvath
Janet and James Hosmer
Phillip and Patricia Hosmer
Jim and Beatriz Houmard
David and June House
Joel and Mary Howle
Mr David S Huebner
Carl and Irene Hurd
Timothy and Pamela Huth
Marcia and John Imsande
Mrs Harriet Irwin
Carol and Thomas Isaak
Ms Victoria L Jackson
Leslie and Thomas Jacobs
Linda and Orlando Jardini
Martha John and James Downey
Carl and Theresa Johnson
Ms Dorothy M Jones
Richard and Diane Jones
Kent and Laurel Jordan
William Kaplin and Cassandra Talerico-Kaplin
Charles and Nancy Kauffman
Martin and Ann Kaverman
Laura Kea and Joseph Politch
Mr Leon B Keener
Norman and Hanna Kelker
Gera and Thomas Kennedy
Carol and Carl Keske
Dr Douglas O Kiessling
Ms Samantha Kimpel
Ms Sarah Kindleberger
Susan Kleiner and Jeffrey Kanter
George and Marylane Kletecka
Ms Bernadette Kline
Robert and Rozanne Klinzing
Ms Linda H Knable
W Rea and Janet Knight
Karin Knutsen and Kenneth Anderson
Allan and Katherine Kolesar
Dr Andrew J Konick
Mr Nathaniel I Koven
Mr William H Kroeck
Edward and Karen Kuppinger
Mrs Helen Lamb
Alexander and Victoria Lardis
John and Susan Lauder
Erik Laughner and Charlene Gamaldo
James and Linda Lavery
Joan and Benno Lebkuchner
Evelyn and Ronald Lehman
Ms Rachel M Lewis
Judith and Douglas Lilley
Mr Kenneth R Linn
Ms Sandra K Lisko
Mr Robert Liston and Mrs Jean Altman-Liston
Louis and Nancy Livengood
Joseph and Mary Ann Loffredo
Ms Barbara J London
Richard and Sally Lott
Stephen and Jacquelyn Love
Mr James C Lowell
Brenda and Michael Mahoney
Rosser and Christine Mainwaring
Dr Vivian P Makosky
James and Sonia Malz
Richard and Lona Manning
Gregory and Pamela Marchand
James Martin and Karen Wierwille Martin
Sharon and Roy Martin
Nancy and Charles Masi
Judge Paul J Mason
Maureen and Perry Mattern
Mr Frank May Jr
Ms Candace L McClintock
Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. McCrory
Ms Sherrell A McIntosh
Thomas and Kelli McKenna
Tracy McLean and Doug Ehrler
Donald and Sandra McPherson
Andrew and Allison Meinhold
George and Caroline Melnykovich
Marquis and Holly Menzie
Denise and G Michael Merritt
Lewis and Phyllis Messenger
Mr Emory B Michel
Ms Roberta Milar
Katherine Millard and Paul Churchill
G Kirby and Carmen Miller
Jay and Valery Miller
John and Lida Miller
Judith and Eugene Miller
Mr Richard V Miller
Mr Robert Miller
Richard and Dorothy Minick
Margaret Mitchell and Frank Ribeiro
Joyce Mobley and Gordon Young
Kay F Molkentin
Ms Nicole M Monachino
Ellen and Thomas Monroe
Mr Kirk A. Mooney
Ms Donna B Moore
Miss Diane E Morgan
Hugh and Nan Morgan
Mrs Helen R Morrison
William and Kathleen Moss
Robert and Marlene Mottice
Kenneth and Teresa Motz
Jack and Judith Mumma
Mrs Mildred E Murphy
David and Carol Myford
Mary and Magnus Nagase
Mr Peter J Namen
K Patrick and Sarah Neill
Mrs Sara Lee Neill
Stewart and Senia Newman
Linda and C Niece
Raymond Jason and Linda Noelker
Philip and Rosella Norton
Mrs Mary A Nunemaker
Donald and Lillian Nunnelly
Mr Kenneth F Oblak
Thomas O’Brien and Ebru Buyuktanir
Wesley and Sharon Ogata
Kimberley and Brian O’Leary
Ms Jacqueline M O’Neill
Denis and Nancy Osborn
Drs Luis and Jane Oyarzun
J William and Suzanne Palmer
Christopher Pascarella and Severine DeWagheneire
Ernest and Sarah Pasqualone
Eileen and Larry Patterson
Norman and Meryl Patton
Susan and Stephen Peats
Tamara and H Alexander Pendleton
Mary Ann and Clifford Perry
Ms Donna M Perzeski
Thomas and Kathy Platt
Louis and Carol Pongracz
F Theodore and Jeanette Poole
Michael and Kimberly Porter
W Robert and Sandra Price
Ms Jennifer N Prugh
Robert and Patricia Prugh
Ms Mary Ellen Pugacz
Katharine and Roderic Rahe
Wilda Rainsburg-Leek and John Leek
Sharon Raphael and Mina Meyer
Mr Al Ratini II
Mr Brian J Ratner
Thomas and Joan Rawdon
Ms Linda R Rechlin
Joseph and Janet Reigle
Brent and Sharon Rice
Dr William J Risch
Elizabeth and William Ritthaler
Ms Susan B Roberts
Robert and Melanie Robertson
Mrs. Marilyn Jo Rochelle
Ms Joan M Roguski
R Dickinson and Edna Roop
Ms Norma J Rosenberger
Dr and Mrs John B Rosenman
S Bruce Rouillard and Janet McLane
Ms Patricia L Rowe
Mr John A Rowland
Lisbeth and James Rundle
Dr Craig T Rybus
George and Dolores Salen
Ann and Carl Saltsman
Susan and Lawrence Saunders
John Schalow and Reny Mashoori
Mrs Ann F Schellenger
James and Karen Scher
Marilyn and George Schindler
Christopher and Melissa Schmitt
Steven and Judy Schmitt
Steve and Jennifer Schuller
Jeffrey and Tracy Schultz
Joseph and Deborah Scordalakes
Brian Segulin and Virginia Miori
William J and Judith Seifer
Joan and David Selby
Mrs Carol A Setny
Richard and Susan Shafer
James and Elaine Shaffer
Terrence and Cristina Sheridan
W Mark and Diane Sherman
Ms Barbara T Shipley
Nancy and Gerald Sigler
John and Joan Siman
Deborah and Richard Simpson
George and Eileen Simpson
Ms Patricia E Slaughter
James and Oliveann Slotta
Paula and Robert Smethers
Douglas and Gretchen Smith
Frederick and Ruth Smith
Janet and Furman Smith
Stephen and Susan Smith
William and Rebecca Smith
Christina and Peter Smithhisler
Donald and Jill Soltis
Michael Soltis and Jane Pekarek
Ms Anne L Soule
Carl and Nancy Speck
Nadine F Stafford
John and Nora Stanton
Ms Norma Stearns
Jeffrey and Sally Stermer
Mrs Herbert E Strawbridge
Art and Diane Stupay
Bill and Helen Sturbaum
Diane and Gregory Sullivan
Ms Ellen J Sutliff
Mr Dudley J Taw
Mr Jeffrey Taylor
Ann and J Peter Thayer
Mrs Marcia R Thompson
Michelle and Shawn Thompson
Mrs Sally Braden Thorne
Catherine and Martin Timko
Robert and Gloria Timko
Miss Barbara J Tittle
Jeannine Tonetti and Bruce Baldwin
Karl and Loretta Torma
Dennis and Shirley Toth
Mr Frank K Totten
Michelle and Jeffrey Trager
Gretchen and Ford Tucker
Prudence and John Tucker
James and Elizabeth Turbett
Lauriel and George Turner
Mrs Margaret A Turner
Mrs Anne P Vainer
Mary and William Van de Graaff
Dr D R Van Demark
Robert and Helena Vana
Mr Joseph Vari III
William and Judith Verbsky
Steven and Lori Vieira
Kenneth and Lorrie Voytek
Elvia and Arnold Wade
Marsha and Ed Wagstaff
Wendi and Todd Waid
Miss Sylvia A Waliga
Dr Mary M Walser
Harvey and Marilyn Warburton
Frederick and AnneMarie Warmbrodt
Kimberly and Todd Washburn
Sally Waterhouse and Dennis Radabaugh
Nanette and Chester Wehe
Mrs Detra M West
Erik and Janet Weyls
Paul and Pamela Whitacre
Mr William D White
Mrs Heather Whitehouse
James and Claudette Whitelaw
Joshua Wiener and Tabitha Doescher
Richard and Shyla Wilcox
David and Jeanne Wilcoxon
Ms Dianne E Williams
Marian and Stephen Williams
Marshall and Marjorie Winkle
Mrs Ellen J Wolfe
Eric and Agnes Wong
Barbara and Jeff Wood
Ms Eleanor E Wood
Thomas and Michele Worden
Dr George E Wright
Rocco and Melinda Yeargin
Gregory and Duprane Young
Randell Young and Beth O’Malley
Susan Young and William Roper
Ms Jamie J Zank
Katarzyna and Jeff Zarish
James and Coral Zimmer