Hiram College

Heritage Society – 20+ Years of Consecutive Giving

E Page and Elizabeth Allinson
Mr David W Ambrose
Mary and Lowell Amick
Geneva and Donald Amtsberg
Beverly and Donald Applebee
Stewart and Dorothy Bailey
Roger and Janet Baker
Mrs Ellen B Baker-Liek
Lester Baltimore and Susan Levering
Ms Mary E Banks
Paul Barton and Carole Willett-Barton
Miss Kathryn J Behm
John and Debra Belden
Jonathan Bell and Constance Colwell
Michael and Toby Berke
Mrs Dorothy Bickley
Robert and Martha Bissell
Mrs Norma Blank
William and Erma Bouts
Mrs Evelyn H Bowers
Thomas and Joyce Braucher
Maynard and Jane Brichford
Miss Susan A Bronczyk
Bert and Phyllis Burda
Daniel and Bonnie Cade
Warren and Joann Calvin
George and Gayle Campbell
Dr and Mrs Donald Campbell
Mrs Martha V Cargo
Mr James H Carney
Mrs Lynn Cathcart
Keylon and Vesta Clarke
Mrs Sandra R Cody
Mrs Nancy A Conoley
Virginia and J Hilary Cook
Roger and Doral Cooper
Mrs Grace E Crecelius
Edward and Kathleen Crowley
Mrs Elizabeth Reed Cupp
Andrew Currie and Ames Sheldon
Nancy Curtis-Einheit and Herb Einheit
John and Cecilia Damschroder
Kenneth Dardenne and Veronica Miller
Loretta and Gary Day
Winifred and Scott Dean
Rev Jenifer H Deming
Robert and Cynthia DeMooy
Larry and  Joyce DeYoung
Mrs Clay V Dobrovolec
Alan and Carol Donley
Mrs Marjorie A Dzapo
David and Olivia Factor
Dr Christopher M Faiver
Joyce and Frederick Faiver
John and Janice Fetzer
Kurt and Elizabeth Field
Ms Danielle A Fink
Mrs Lucille G Fiorelli
Ms Janet Friedman
Ms Carolyn A Frobase
Barbara and William Gardiner
Cheryl and David Garrett
Richard and Nancy Garrett
Mr George J Gauthier
Mrs. Carol S. Gibson
James and Cheryl Gold
G Russell and Bonnie Goldner
Mr Carl A Gordon
Dr Michael Grajek
Alden and Linda Green
Ms Kimberlyn D Hall
Peter and Diane Hammar
Donald and Kathleen Hantak
Terry Hartle and Susan Quantius
Harry and Phyllis Haskins
Douglas and Judith Hatfield
Mr David R Henschel
Mr Jay R Hershey
Mr David R Heym
Kenneth and Margaret Anne Hilton
Matthew and Kimberly Hinderegger
Mr George M Hirt
Richard and Dolores Hoeh
William and Katherine Horning
Ms N Adele Hoskin
Mrs Orma Huebner
John and Alice Hull
Clifford and Pamela Hunt
Suzanne and William Ivey
Sarah and Ronald Jaworowski
Gabrielle and Gideon Johnson
Donald and Carol Jones
J Philip and Norma Jones
Ms Betsy A Keefer
William and Ruth Kelly
Margaret and Paul Kerr
Rev Moray L Kiehl
Catherine and John Klamar
Edward and Rosemary Kostansek
Col Lester L Krause Jr
Joseph and Deanna LaCamera
Mary and Henry Lancaster
Steve and Doreen Lassan
Mrs Jean M Lawton
Mrs Frances Layton
Mrs Kay B Lingafelter
Thomas and Gail Lundberg
Ms Marilyn J Malina PhD
Mr Herbert H Mansfield
Dr Charles S Marn and Dr Kathleen L Hawkins
Daniel and Janet Marsh
Dr Robert L Maurovich
Daniel and Jan Maxson
Judith and John McDermott
Joe and Ellen McMillan
Toby and Betty Miller
Mrs D Dean Millhone
Richard and Barbara Nardi
Robert and Marva Nelson
Kenneth Nesper and Christine Matthews
Eileen and Edwin Niemi
Miss Sally A Olds
G Benjamin and Paula Oliver
Ms Ann Patella
Edgar and Janet Peck
Richard and Susan Pejeau
Pete and June Pennock
Robert and Betty-Jane Penrod
Mrs Sandra J Phillips
Kenneth Pike and Damaris Peters Pike
Kaarlo and Karen Pollari
Dr Rick A and Linda Poston
Mrs Olive J Powell
Marie and Robert Presher
Ms Gail A Pytel
Dolly and Donald Raines
Edward and Jan Reed
Thomas and Dorothy Reuschling
Dr Marilyn Mattison Rice
Sherman and Rama Riemenschneider
Stephen Robb and Judy Honig
Robert and Betty Roy
Kathleen and Carl Rudolph
Mary and Gerard Ryan
Mrs Joanne Sawyer
Nancy and Robert Scheyhing
Ms Barbara J Sedlock
Robert and Nancy Sher
Mr John G Shoemaker
Lori and Dixon Slingerland
Bryce and Janet Smith
Richard and Evelynne Spencer
Arthur and Beverly Sperry
Joe and Leslie Stamm
Mrs Carolyn R Stefani
Kevin and Pamela Steurer
Charles and Dianne Sweeney
Michael and Melinda Tabor
Mrs Dene R Taylor
Beryl and Gary Tishkoff
Janis Hopkins-Trachtman and Richard Trachtman
Ms Jane T Upton
Mrs Elizabeth S Van Buren
John and Mary Alice Vlad
William and Laura VonBenken
Jeremy and David Wahlstrom
Paul Ward and Kathleen Bates
Mr Tom G Weatherston
Mrs Margaret R Wente
Steven and Pamela West
Lisa Whims-Squires and Jonathan Squires
Ms Shirley B Wilhjelm
Homer and Virginia Willard
Ms Ann E  Williams
Timothy and Lisa Wittman
Carol and David Wolfe
Miss Susan J Wright
Miss Susan P Yaple
Mrs Jane B Young
Fred and Pauline Zacharias
Elizabeth and William Zingler