Hiram College
Heritage Society – 20+ Years of Consecutive Giving
Susan (Broman) Adamson ’67
Edward Allinson and Elizabeth Allinson ’74/–
David Ambrose ’67
Mary (Brinson) Amick and Lowell Amick+ ’60/–
Geneva Amtsberg and Donald Amtsberg ’87/–
Thomas Andrews ’59
Virl Andrick and Joseph Arbo ’70/–
William Antel and Rebecca Antel ’95/’01
Beverly (Johnson) Applebee and Donald Applebee+ ’57/–
Roger Baker and Janet (Burt) Baker ’69/’69
Roger Baldwin and Margaret Baldwin ’69/–
Paul Barton and Carole Willett-Barton ’53/–
Donald Batisky ’83
Joseph Baytosh and Janet Baytosh ’83/–
Kathryn Behm ’57
John Belden and Debra (Randby) Belden ’82/’82
Jonathan Bell and Constance Colwell ’75/–
David Benjamin and Ann Womer Benjamin
Alfred Benz and Lynn Benz ’66/–
Michael Berke and Toby Berke ’69/–
Randall W. Betz ’75
Norma (Hudson) Blank ’59
Stephen Branigan and Sheila Branigan ’85/–
Sheryl Buckley ’68
Bert Burda ’48
Bruce Bustard and Victoria (Lounsbury) Bustard ’76/’76
Daniel Cade and Bonnie (Symes) Cade ’78/’79
Mary (Barnett) Calvin ’55
Martha (Harnar) Cargo ’39
Michael Carlson and Karen Carlson ’70/–
James Carney ’60
Richard Carpenter and Carol Carpenter ’65/–
Elizabeth (Wackerman) Carter and Jack Knight ’57/–
Lynn Hermer Cathcart ’45
Jane Chodzin ’79
Curtis Clevinger and Jennifer (Amick) Clevinger ’93/’93
Kathleen Coleman ’87 and The Lester E. and Kathleen A. Coleman Foundation
Carole (Racine) Conley ’58
Andrew Currie, Jr. and Ames Sheldon ’61/–
Nancy (Ziel) Curtis-Einheit and Herb Einheit ’57/–
Craig Damon and Lois Sherry ’56/–
Kenneth Dardenne and Veronica Miller ’73/–
Jenifer (Hale) Deming ’69
Elaine (Hill) DeVennish and Edward DeVennish ’70/–
Larry DeYoung and Joyce (Lewis) DeYoung ’69/’69
Vincent and Nancy DiGirolamo and The Ayco Charitable Foundation
Clay (Yates) Dobrovolec ’69
Alan Donley and Carol (Cram) Donley ’63/’60
Joyce (Ryel) Dorman ’65
Carl Draucker and Claire Draucker ’73/–
Paul DuBois and Carol (Johnson) DuBois ’59/’58
Daniel Dyer and Joyce Dyer ’66/–
David Everett and Eileen Everett
David Factor and Rosanne Factor ’73/–
Christopher M. Faiver, PhD  ’69
Joyce (Tupper) Faiver ’65
William Falsgraf and Janet Falsgraf
Kathryn Fendya ’71
John Fetzer and Janice (Breckenridge) Fetzer ’69/’70
Donald Fleming and Janet Pope
Alan Florjancic and Karen Florjancic ’91/–
Ed and Libby Frato-Sweeney
Janet (Kohn) Friedman ’67
Carolyn (McNeal) Frobase ’60
Cheryl (Dell) Garrett and David Garrett ’83/–
Richard Garrett and Nancy Garrett
Nancy (Bush) Gassler ’64
George Gauthier
Carol (Spencer) Gibson ’48
James Gold and Cheryl Gold+ ’66/–
Laura Gorretta ’72
Alden Green and Linda Green ’66/–
Betty (Smith) Green ’53
Katherine (Hoeh) Griffin and Kenneth Griffin ’81/–
Michael Grzesiak and Karen (Dougall) Grzesiak ’90/’92
Peter Hammar and Diane Hammar ’57/–
Donald Hantak and Kathleen Hantak ’58/–
Terry Hartle and Susan Quantius ’73/–
Harry Haskins and Phyllis Haskins ’51/–
Douglas Hatfield, Jr. and Judith Hatfield
John Havener and Lisa Schneider ’79/’80
David Hazelwood ’53
David Henschel ’71
Jay Hershey ’63
David Heym ’54
Kenneth Hilton and Margaret Anne (Olson) Hilton ’70/’69
Matthew Hinderegger and Kimberly (Hellert) Hinderegger ’90/’92
George Hirt ’63
Laurel (Hanks) Hokaj and Lee Hokaj ’74/–
William Horning and Katherine (Jewett) Horning ’55/’56
Neva Adele Hoskin ’69
Alan Hrabak ’57
John Hull and Alice Hull ’51/–
Clifford Hunt and Pamela (Hansen) Hunt ’69/’68
Suzanne (Lewis) Ivey ’58
Sarah (Canfield) Jaworowski ’58
Gabrielle Johnson and Gideon Johnson ’92/–
Donald Jones ’69
J. Phillip Jones and Norma (Collins) Jones ’47/’49
Harold Kanarek and Norma Kanarek ’66/–
Beverly Keefer ’67
Margaret (Rauckhorst) Kerr and Paul Kerr ’79/–
Catherine (Merkle) Klamar and John Klamar ’58/–
Kenneth Konchan and Linda Konchan ’63/–
Edward Kostansek and Rosemary (Zuzek) Kostansek ’70/’66
Jacqueline (Larsen) Krabill ’51
Joseph and Deanna LaCamera
Nadia Lahutsky and Edward McMahon ’73/–
Mary (Boice) Lancaster and Henry Lancaster+ ’59/–
Steve Lassan and Doreen Lassan ’65/–
Frances Layton
Janet (Schaum) Lillibridge and John Lillibridge ’57/–
Thomas Lundberg and Gail (Schoenbaechler) Lundberg ’75/’76
Daniel MacArthur and Catherine MacArthur ’52/–
Duncan MacInnes and Joan MacInnes ’70/–
Marilyn Malina ’49
Charles Marn and Kathleen Hawkins ’78/–
Daniel Marsh and Janet (Feucht) Marsh ’59/’59
Frederick Martin ’64
Michael Massouh and Virginia (Jacox) Massouh ’61/’65
Robert Maurovich ’66
Daniel and Jan Maxson ’79/–
Garth McAdoo+ and Barbara (Brigham) McAdoo ’54/’55
Judith (Sade) McDermott and John McDermott ’70/–
Karen (Sivulka) McKnight and Thomas McKnight ’65/–
Frank Merritt ’65
Toby Miller ’59
Mrs. D. Dean Millhone ’62
Robert Mitchell and Dora Mitchell+ ’51/–
Kenneth Moore and Cindy Holland ’69/’00
Todd Morris and Faith (Kelker) Morris ’62/’64
Robert Nelson and Marva Nelson ’66/–
Kenneth Nesper and Christine Matthews ’71/–
Eileen (Anthony) Niemi and Edwin Niemi ’48/–
Timothy Niemi and Crystal (Conklin) Niemi ’78/–
G. Benjamin (President Emeritus) Oliver and Paula Oliver
Ann Patella
Richard Pejeau and Susan (Brethauer) Pejeau ’66/’66
Anne (Linton) Pennock ’53
Sandra (Cunningham) Phillips ’59
Kenneth Pike and Damaris Peters Pike
Barbara (Corrado) Pope and Daniel Pope ’64/–
Constance (Jenkins) Pritchard ’72
Dolly (Sterling) Raines and Donald Raines ’64/–
Edward Reed+ and Jan (Case) Reed ’53/’56
Thomas Reuschling and Dorothy Reuschling ’64/–
Marilyn (Mattison) Rice ’61
Peter Rich and Edith (Randels) Rich ’65/’64
Sherman and Rama (Schinagle) Riemenschneider ’65/’66
Stephen Robb and Judy Honig ’70/–
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Rudolph
Mary (Gough) Ryan and Gerard Ryan ’67/–
Joanne Sawyer
John Sawyer ’70
Henry Schellenger and Julie Schellenger ’80/–
Richard Sechrist ’51
Barbara Sedlock ’80
Lori Slingerland and Howard Slingerland ’93/–
Bryce Smith and Janet Smith ’52/–
J. Philip Smith and Susan (Cannon) Smith ’63/’64
Richard Spencer and Evelynne (Troyer) Spencer+ ’42/’39
Joe Stamm and Leslie Stamm ’68/–
Thomas Steele and Nancy (Darrah) Steele ’62/’64
Carolyn (Rees) Stefani ’57
Michael Sterzer ’73
Harry Stiggers ’53
Martha (Wolner) Strunk and Stanley Strunk ’64/–
Jon Surprise and Maxine Surprise
Larry Sutton and Patricia Hollister-Sutton
Charles Sweeney and Dianne Sweeney ’69/–
Michael Tabor and Melinda Tabor ’76/–
Marilyn (Miller) Taylor ’51
Beryl (Tuffyas) Tishkoff and Gary Tishkoff ’72/–
Janis (Reed) Trachtman and Richard Trachtman ’69/–
Jane Upton ’72
Elizabeth (Sly) Van Buren ’51
John Vlad and Mary Alice (Roberts) Vlad ’56/’56
William VonBenken and Laura VonBenken ’66/–
Jeremy (Welty) Wahlstrom and David Wahlstrom ’69/–
Iva Walker ’64
Paul Ward and Kathleen Bates ’71/–
Nancy (Cross) Wares and Stanley Wares ’65/–
Karen Wax ’70
Margaret (Baker) Wente ’55
Steven West and Pamela (Enos) West ’67/’67
Annie Williams ’62
Timothy Wittman and Lisa Wittman ’79/–
Carol (Blanchard) Wolfe and David Wolfe ’70/–
Susan Wright ’74
Davis Young and Karen Young
Fred Zacharias ’52