Hiram College
Heritage Society – 15 to 19 Years of Consecutive Giving
Bruce Bennett and Susan (Sullivan) Bennett ’80/’79
Eleanor (Bowen) Berry and Frank Berry ’49/–
The Estate of Mrs. Anne K. Christman
Charles Conant and Patricia (Rowland) Conant ’54/’55
Duane Van Demark ’58
Michael Dively
James Dixon and Bridget Dixon
Lenora (Gray) Elbaum and J. Kenneth Elbaum ’56/–
Martha (Douglas) Ellsworth ’53
Judith (Raymond) Fischer ’68
Charles Ganzel and Barbara Clancey ’64/–
Jenifer Garfield
Gerald Graham
Paul Gregor and Barbara Divine
Leland Haas and Nancy Haas ’51/–
Jimmie Hanes and Mary Hanes ’63/–
Donald Heidt and Mary Heidt ’61/–
Nancy (Ackerman) Hillyard and Dan Norris ’47/–
John Hurst+ and Lillian (Bierce) Hurst ’56/’62
Linda Klapp ’93
Steven Lee and Diana Lee ’86/–
James Malz and Sonia Malz ’87/–
Paul Mason ’70
Stephen Matthews and Sheila Whetzel ’71/–
Thomas McKenna and Kelli (Roepke) McKenna ’78/’78
Heather (Moore) Meeker and James Meeker ’94/–
Gerald Miller and Carmen Miller ’58/–
Joyce Mobley and Gordon Young ’69/–
Jerry Munson
Philip Norton ’54
Ernest Pasqualone and Sarah (Norment) Pasqualone ’77/’77
William Johnston and Cynthia Peck
Sandra (Skelton) Piepho and Stuart Wills ’65/–
Jennifer Prugh ’91
Joan Roguski ’77
Dick Roop and Edna Roop ’71/–
Douglas Ryan and Lillian Ryan
Janis (Piwkowski) Shelton and James Shelton ’72/–
Cynthia Smith and Gregory Petrick ’78/–
Jean Sutherland and J. Robert Booth ’61/–
Sharyl (Smith) Swanson and Larry Swanson ’64/–
Mary Walser ’70
Linda Spear and Jeffery Wanser ’05/–
Richard Wilcox and Shyla Wilcox