Hiram College
Patricia Abdenour ’80
Harry Adams and Sally Adams ’57/–
Sandra Alger 
Frances (Funaro) Ardito and James Ardito ’64/–
P. Thomas Bacher and Madeleine Bacher ’78/–
Cynthia Barclay and Robert Barclay ’86/–
Shirley Bartin 
Paul Bosley and Jeanne Bosley ’71/–
Richard Bruce and Beth (Chubbs) Bruce ’65/–
Kenneth Cain ’79
The Estate of Mrs. Anne K. Christman
Thomas Clarke ’64
Frederick Crouter and Louise (Patterson) Crouter ’54/’52
Duane Van Demark ’58
Kathleen (Young) DiLoreto and Stephen DiLoreto ’72/–
Michael Dively
James Dixon and Bridget Dixon
Lenora (Gray) Elbaum and J. Kenneth Elbaum ’56/–
Judith (Raymond) Fischer ’68
Mary (Beard) Furillo and Michael+ Furillo ’60/–
Jenifer Garfield
Gerald Graham
Michael Greenwood and Susan Greenwood
Paul Gregor and Barbara Divine
Janice Gresko ’93
David Hagen and Karen Wayenberg ’67/–
Jimmie Hanes and Mary Hanes ’63/–
Janice Hargate ’57
John Hurst+ and Lillian (Bierce) Hurst ’56/’62
Carol (Bleecher) Isaak ’68
Linda (Price) Jardini ’60
George Kletecka and Marylane Kletecka ’61/–
Wilda Rainsburg-Leek and John Leek ’89/–
Louis Livengood and Nancy Livengood ’62/–
Stephen Love and Jacquelyn Love ’09/–
James Lowell ’66
Brenda (White) Mahoney and Michael Mahoney ’73/–
Rosser Mainwaring and Christine Mainwaring ’74/–
Sharon (Robins) Martin and Roy Martin ’65/–
Paul Mason ’70
Donald McPherson and Sandra McPherson ’54/–
George Melnykovich and Caroline (Thomas) Melnykovich ’65/’66
Gerald Miller and Carmen Miller ’58/–
M LaVerne Miner and William R Miner+ –/’45
Donna Moore ’75
Kenneth Motz and Teresa Motz ’73/–
Jack Mumma and Judith (Moon) Mumma ’62/’62
Jerry Munson
Philip Norton ’54
J. William Palmer and Suzanne Palmer ’65/–
Jennifer Prugh ’91
Katharine Rahe and Roderic Rahe ’75/–
Sharon Raphael and Mina Meyer+ ’63/–
Thomas Rawdon and Joan Rawdon ’62/–
Brent Rice and Sharon Rice ’93/–
Joan Roguski ’77
Dick Roop and Edna Roop ’71/–
Douglas Ryan and Lillian Ryan
Joseph Scordalakes and Deborah Scordalakes ’68/–
James Shaffer and Elaine Felsen ’62/–
Janis (Piwkowski) Shelton and James Shelton ’72/–
William Sherman and Diane (Seesdorf) Sherman ’79/’79
Sharyl G Smith and Larry Swanson ’64/–
Nadine Stafford ’74
Jean Sutherland and J. Robert Booth ’61/–
Ellen (Beam) Sutliff and Paul Bogardus ’64/ —
Catherine (Martoff) Timko and Martin Timko ’91/–
Jeannine Tonetti ’65
Lauriel (Fletcher) Turner and George Turner ’72/–
Robert and Helena Vana and The Vana Family Foundation
Mary Walser ’70
Linda Spear and Jeffery Wanser ’05/–
Frederick Warmbrodt and AnneMarie Warmbrodt ’74/–
Joshua Wiener and Tabitha Doescher ’73/–
Marshall and Marjorie (Foley) Winkle ’57/’58
Mary Hollenbach
Donald and Lillian+ Nunnelly ’51/–