Hiram College

Heritage Society – 15 to 19 Years of Consecutive Giving

Ms Susan B Adamson
Ms Ellen Gavlinski Anderson
Mr W Virl Andrick Jr
William and Rebecca Antel
Bruce and Trudy Bailey
John and Jane Bailey
Mrs Judy K Bard
Ms Elizabeth A Barrett
Dr Joseph J Baytosh
Deborah and Steven Behringer
David M Benjamin and Ann Womer Benjamin
Judith and Quentin Bensink
Alfred and Lynn Benz
Mrs Ruth E Blue
Marilyn and James Bottger
Mr Richard J Branchik
Stephen and Sheila Branigan
Cynthia and Robert Burden
Mrs Mary E Calvin
Michael and Karen Carlson
Richard and Carol Carpenter
Elizabeth Carter and Jack Knight
Ms Jane E Chodzin
Curtis and Jennifer Clevinger
Mrs Carole A Conley
Craig Damon and Lois Sherry
Mr Paul W Dickinson
Mrs Joyce E Dorman
Daniel and Joyce Dyer
James and Joan Farrell
Dr Gayle Galan and Mr Karl A Reuther Sr
Nancy and Fred Gassler
Ms Laura J Gorretta
Mrs Betty J Green
Katherine and Kenneth Griffin
Michael and Karen Grzesiak
Marilyn and Peter Gwyn
M Reid and Bondie Hankin
John Havener and Lisa Schneider
Mrs Ruth L Hayden
Mr David P Hazelwood
David and Ashley Hejmanowski
Peter and Shirley Henderson
Laurel and Lee Hokaj
Alice and William Howenstine
Alan and Leora Hrabak
Ms Alison Hubbard-Miller
Robert and Virginia Ingram
Dr William P Irwin
Jeffrey and Norma Jones
Harold and Norma Kanarek
Kenneth and Linda Konchan
Karen and Wolfgang Kurapkat
Nadia Lahutsky and Edward McMahon
Brenda and James Lillge
Janet and John Lillibridge
Daniel and Catherine MacArthur
Duncan and Joan MacInnes
Michael and Virginia Massouh
Mildred and Earl Mayo
Garth and Barbara McAdoo
John and Vi McCarty
Karen and Thomas McKnight
Howard and Karen Mease
Prof Frank S Merritt
Robert and Dora Mitchell
Mrs Betty Niccolls
Timothy and Crystal Niemi
Mrs Anne L Pennock
Barbara and Daniel Pope
Mr Paul M Rilling
Mr Henry E Schellenger II
Robert and Kimberly Sebold
Mr Richard S Sechrist
James and Barbara Sherwood
Ms Donna L Simmons
Margaret and John Simmons
J Philip and Susan Smith
Thomas and Nancy Steele
Mr Michael J Sterzer
Martha and Stanley Strunk
Dr Beverly J Stump
Jon and Maxine Surprise
Dr Marilyn R Taylor
Mrs Jean L Timmons
Ms Dorothy E Voss
Ms Iva L Walker
Nancy and Stanley Wares
Dr Phyllis G Westover
Ira and Hannah Wydner